Weir And Min Made The Top 5 Female And Male Superstars With The Spiciest News Of 2012

 Top 5 Female and Male Superstars with the Spiciest News of 2012

News – December 27, 2012

There has been always plenty of hot and scandalous news for us to update all the time in the Thai entertainment circle. And this year the superstars whose headlines can make give them a headache and cause them to become the subjects of gossip the most this year are, let’s see starting from the female.

1. Ploy Chermarn, the champion for making headlines, this year with her deputes with event organizers and also her tax evasion problem.

2. Aum Patcharapa is not the champion but news regarding her love life with hi-so Am has always been the focus of attention.

3. Poo Praiya has been hammered with harsh headlines this year, she was said to have gotten pregnant and once she cleared the news the headlines following that was her abortion. Her vague love life with hiso Note and the confirmation of her single status has also been the subject of attention.

4. Chompoo Araya doesn’t have that much harsh news but her love with boyfriend Note has been the focus of attention. There was other news of her fashion and about her being a conceited person which she denied as false.

5. Min Pechaya
With excessive charm Min is able to seize the 5th ranking, because this past year she has been in the news so much she has to clear her news daily. Min made news with many hot men in the entertainment such as Weir Sukollawat, Boy Pakorn, Golf Pichaya, Mark Prin, and coming out the strongest is Chin Chinawut who opened up about wanting to pursue her. We have to give an applaud to Chin for his sincerity but is the female side weaken by him we have to continue following this story next year.


1. Dome Pakorn Lum who made news with his breakup with girlfriend, Gusjung and the message he sent to Mai Davika.

2. Weir Sukollawat
To say this year is the year of Weir wouldn’t be wrong due to his hit drama (s) and his events that were plentiful. He has also been lucky in his businesses, no matter what he does it will become successful. Other than works that book his face in the news so much there is his love life which ever since being single this year Weir has become very hot. He openly admitted that he was studying a woman outside the entertainment business but when it was revealed that she already has a boyfriend it made our leading actor disappointed and has to clear his news like there’s no tomorrow. And because he’s completely single he has been linked to many of his leading actresses especially Min Pechaya and Mai Davika…don’t know about many rounds of clearing the news they have done together.

3. Ken Phupoom has been really hot and truly scandalous with his news with the ladies. He has to come out and admit to studying his outside of the entertainment business girlfriend just to end the problem.

4. Mark Prin has endless news with many actresses.

5. Art Pasut and his cheating scandal that has been written as much as the top leading actors and plus his news are even spicier than them.

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P.S. I just got back and I’m dead tired so I pretty just summarize this article with the exception of Weir and Min. At first I just wanted to list the others but hey I’m nice enough to get one 1-2 sentences down for them. Hehe



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  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Ninja Thank u for ur kind! ^ O^

    BTW,could u mind translating the sentence following
    Thanks a lot! Have a nice weekend!!!! ~~~~~~

    1. I don’t mind. You have a nice weekend too.

      น้อง = Nong บัว = Bua ไป = Pai แล้ว = Laew นะ = Na คะ = Ka พี่ = Pee ปลา = Pla

      Sister (nong) Bua went (pai) already (laew) Brother (pee) Pla

      Nong is not necessary a sister, it’s a word someone who’s younger would say when he/she addresses someone who’s older by age, pee.

      Na ka is used as the affirmative tone within the sentence.

      Translation: Bua went already Pla.

  3. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Ninja, Thank u soooo much! ~~~~`
    U really an excellent and nice teacher!!~~~~~~
    Thanks mak mak, (is it right in Thai hehe)

    1. You’re welcome. Yep mak mak is very much.

      Learning a new language is fun. I think you probably find enjoyment in it. I’m trying to learn Mandarin myself. That’s why these days I’m busying myself with Chinese and Taiwanese series. Hehe

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        Yes Ninja, it is very interesting for learning new things and I’m enjoying the feelings of studying. Hehe as for learning language, it is a good & simple way by watching dramas that u interested in. I’m trying to learn Thai through the series as well. hehehe. If u don’t mind and need any helps for ur learning Mandarin, u may tell me. hehe

        Ninja, welcome and looking forward to u come to China as ur vacation in the near future.

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