Hit Dramas Of 2012

News – December 27, 2012

There are many hot dramas in the Thai entertainment this year…issues that sizzle in the dramas also sizzle out of the screen for the audiences to comment on and gossip about. Slapping scenes, fighting scenes, screaming scenes that were so loud we had to cover our ears, or in order word any drama with such act of violence are the ones we often considered as being the hot, the intense, and highly rated dramas. In the year of the dragon we clearly see from all the channels that the highest rated dramas are the ones regarding the pure love of a character that got cheated on by her greedy lover and she seek revenge as the result of that failed or acquitted love.

This year channel 3 has Buang and Raeng Ngao whose storylines are very hot and intense. Channel 5 has Marnya Ritsaya, a drama about fighting over a guy and jealousy within the modeling world. Channel 8 has Nong Mia whose storyline is about a character wanting and willing to do anything to steal someone else’s man.

Pin Anong from channel 7 is another drama that got talked about a lot even though it’s not about the unethical snatching of other people’s love like that of channel 3 but slap and kiss drama is a love story that is always sellable and forever classic. The audiences who watch will often cheer for the lead couple to end up in bed together. Even though this year channel 7 like to sell dramas that are more about bombing a mountain, burning a hut, carrying a gun and running away via the sea…Pin Anong is considered as a medium production drama that can grab the heart of the audiences. This is also because they paired up the perfect leads like Weir Sukollawat and Min Pechaya who made their love scenes so believable they become another couple the audiences want to end up together in real life. They were hotter than the couple from Torranee Nee Krai Kong that aired on the same days but their noise has been somewhat quiet despite having the number 1 couple from channel 3 like Nadech and Yaya. This is one of the reasons why producers give emphasis to the storyline rather the actors.

This year I watched only two Thai dramas and that’s Pin Anong and recently I just finished Nangfah Gub Mafia therefore I have no comment about the other dramas because my bias is Pin Anong and Pin Anong only. But personally I don’t like dramas with an affair as the main storyline because often time I don’t like how the females are portrayed as a revengeful, calculative, and vindictive character after finding out about her lover’s affair. And rather than going after the man who done her wrong she goes after the other woman like a psychotic and overly compulsive and obsessive woman…to me it’s the continuation of the perpetual stereotype of a woman as a senseless person who has nothing better to do than bitch-slap her way to solving the issues she faces in life. I guess you can’t have too many character like Dr. Wigarnda (Mia Luang) around because she can be too smart and too rational to get into a slap fest with another woman over a meaningless cheating husband unlike those other typical characters. But then again Dr. Wigarnda is not a fictional character, she’s a real woman with reasons and logic.

Source: Super Entertainment
Credit: Super52ful



  1. For 2013, I’m waiting for Roy Ley sanae Luang.. Where Weir and Mai are together.
    I hope that drama will be a hit too..

    1. I’m waiting for it too. I’m sure it will be a hit since most slap and kiss dramas are.

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