Min Respond To Her Nickname For The Year Of 2012

Min Respond to Casanovee Pak Peuay

Interview – December 25, 2012

Min Pechaya Wattanamontri has been given the nickname “Casanovee Pak Peuay (Casanovee With An Inflamed Mouth)” for the year of 2012 by the medias. The new actress who’s hot when it come to news with men…men from the same channel, men from different channel, and singers. Plus in her past dramas she will kiss for real in many of them which is why she’s able to obtain this nickname.

Other nicknames given are “Superstar Who Retired Her Bosom” for Aum Patcharapa who retired from future sexiness, “Teddy Bear Who Cause Confusion” for Pancake Khemanit who gave the reporters confusing answers regarding her love life with Officer Mee, “Busty Who’s Worth Billion” for Tuk Bongkot who got engaged to a billionaire, “Perfect Face With A Fishy Mouth” for Ploy Chermarn who said things without thinking, “Media Dodging Beauty” for Janie Tienphosuwan who often left interviews after question regarding her love life come up, “Losing The Handsome Edge” for Dome Pakorn Lum who reconciled with his ex-girlfriend after a few month of being dumped by her, “Behind The Curtain Troublemaker” for television host, Woody who interviewed people he publicly has a falling out with on his show, “Baldy Who Goodness Got Broken” for Buay (the mute guy in Pin Anong) who broke up with his wife after she gave birth to his son for only two months, and lastly “Ear Length Shortness” for Baitoey R-Siam who has worn only the shortest dresses and pants to events and concerts to show off her legs.

Min respond to the medias for giving her the nickname, Casanovee Pak Peuay.

“Thanks to all the reporters who thought of me. I am not serious with this nickname because it’s not something too awful, if thinking in a positive way it came from the popularity of my drama, Pin Anong. I admit to kissing for real. As for casanovee, I don’t feel anything because I’ve been written in such way so often. And thank you for loving me and always thinking of me.”

Source: http://www.tnews.co.th/
Credit: picture as tagged

P.S. Pak peuay is the inflammation of the mouth due to an infectious disease it doesn’t affect just the mouth but the hand and foot as well. Excessive kissing is not the cause of the disease so that’s a big misconception to spread but as long as people take it as a joke and not literally it’s okay I guess. But it’s still a mean nickname. The other nicknames are pretty funny especially Pancake. LOL


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    ahahaah….thank you Ninja ;D I’ve been wondering what that word mean “pak peuay” because that word always came about when Pin Anong was airing ;D they called Min as “Min Pak Peuay” ahah ;D now I know what it is ;D

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