A Million Baht Bag, Min Caught the Brand Name Disease

A Million Bahts Bag, Min Caught the Brand Name Disease

Interview – December 25, 2012

She have admitted to having the brand name fever following the step of senior superstars such as Aum Patcharapa and Pooklook Fontip who are crazy for brand name products. But Min Pechaya Wattanamontri says her fondness for brand name is soft despite having gone on a shopping spree in Hong Kong recently, without caring about her millions and there’s gossip saying she came back as the owner of a Hermes, an elegant sparkling brand name bag.

We don’t know if the singer who’s trying to gain points to conquer her heart like Chin Chinawaut and Porshe Saran who’s starring in the drama, Yok Luerd Mongkorn with her will be shocked or not once they find out Min’s taste is very hi-so (high end; expensive).

“It’s normal for a woman to like things that are beautiful. I admit I have a limit as well…the least is one pair of shoes per month and one handbag per month. I have to invest a little in what I wear. People see celebrities as using money lavishly, that’s an investment. I do regret because each handbag I used to have was in the hundred thousand bahts but in the million I am still thinking about it (laughing with satisfaction). Right now I am looking at a Hermes bag but I don’t see it as a brand name bag I see it as an investment. But it’s in the million so I have to think hard about it. Hermes has a new white Himalayan edition – it’s something classic. If I were to have one, it has to be a good one…one handbag only.”

“Recently I went shopping in Hong Kong and to rest, a little reward I give to myself. I did spent a lot. I got back and must continue working for money. I am happy to able to work and earn my own money. People see me buying expensive things think I must have a sponsor…I have a businessman taking care of me or not…I am not stress out with these type of news because people who truly love me know what type of person I am.”

Source: http://www.daradaily.com/news/34527/
Credit picture to MinIG

P.S. It’s her hard earned money so as long as she has a limit and is not going bankrupt buying things beyond her mean it’s all good. Hope everyone has a great Xmas.



  1. from what I notice, Min seems to love Burberry more lol but it’s true that as long as she’s making money, she got the right to spend

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    that’s right ;D her hard earned money ;D unlike some actresses going for some ugly or old rich guys or men just to make them richer ;D

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