Min Comforts View Not to Think Too Much; Dinner with Mark Is Innocent

Min Comforts View Not to Think Too Much; Dinner with Mark Is Innocent

Interview – December 20, 2012

Possessing an unstoppable charm, Min Pechaya Wattanamontri was said to have gone out to eat with Mark Prin despite the fact that Mark has a close friend like View Wannarot so during the opening ceremony for her new drama, Cinderella Rong Tao Dtae at Polyplus Studio we have to ask her to clear the issue. She admits, “I really did go but in a big group, our managers are close, within the same gang. We all got invited during the event.” Do you think it will become a big issue? “I already knew (laugh). At first when I saw Mark posting the picture in his instragram I told him, you don’t have to tag me. Because he respected me he said, it’s nothing then he posted the picture.” With Mark, how close are you with him? “Honestly we just know each other. Just recently we had the chance to talk.” But you’re close to him to an extent, right? “That’s right but in the beginning stage.” Once that picture was posted View also posted a picture of herself looking sad and displeased. “No. Really, I am a friend of View. We don’t have any problem with each other. I am a friend to both of them.” Did you tell View beforehand that you’ll be going with Mark?“I didn’t tell her. I don’t think it will be anything because View never talked about anything regarding this. I am very innocent. We went but we didn’t sit next to each other – we sat on opposite end and there were more than 10 people who went as well.”

With Mark, View recently said he’s her closest friend, do you have to clear with her in case she misunderstand you. “Honestly, I might have to say something because I am friends with both but I already told them that there’s nothing. I was only doing my work. View have spoken with me. She had line. She has WhatsApp. She can ask me but we didn’t talk about this issue. If View has anything she will definitely ask me for sure and I am ready to answer at all times.” Are you afraid there will be problem afterward? “Like the betrayal of a trusted friend…No. I am innocent. I don’t think of hurting anyone, I only ask for a little space for myself to stand, just that. I don’t think of interfering with anyone’s life or anyone’s work.”

It looked like Mark also sent the picture to Boy (Pakorn) for him to see. He sent it as a way of saying, I get to go out and eat with Min as well. “I don’t know. We were just having a normal dinner.” Boy left a comment telling Mark why didn’t he get invited. “That day P’Boy didn’t go because he wasn’t at the event. If he was there he might have gone with us.” Before this View mentioned about a woman with the initial M, people think it’s you. “Not me for sure. There is not only one person with the initial M. No need to anticipate it because I have nothing to do with this.” If you’re invited again, would you go? “Yes I will go. I don’t have a problem if there’s a chance for us to meet.” With View?“I can go. We can meet. We used to go out and eat together before. I also want to defend Mark, if he wasn’t innocent he wouldn’t be braved enough to post the picture. If there’s something truly going on he wouldn’t have posted it.”

Source: http://www.thairath.co.th/content/ent/314383
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P.S. I don’t know what this article was doing in my draft post. I guess I forgot to post it during one of my mass posting day, well better late than never. ^_^ And regarding Min’s manager, Miew, according to fans she’s the same person who used to look after Weir years ago when she was still working for Ae Supachai…what a coincidence.

Happy Holidays! *_*


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