Weir Sukollawat: Mr.Huggable

Weir Sukollawat - Mr. Huggable

Interview – December 2012

Your feeling on being voted as Mr. Huggable
“I feel confused when I found out because I didn’t know they had a voting – I knew from my manager that they (Sudsapda) have been doing the voting for three years now. I guess I am more okay since people wanted to hug me. I’ve been working out and have been doing businesses so I look like a grown man. I am not as adventurous as before which probably made people think Weir is more huggable now…Let’s vote for the guy a little (laugh). During the time when Pin Anong was a big hit I didn’t think that many people would like it. The crews even sat and have a meeting on what make it so popular. With Min, we’re considered as a perfect fit…we have chemistry when we played together. Many people were so into us they’ve created a club for Weir-Min at pantip.”

His piercing eyes…very magnetic.

Best thing to have happened this year
Many things…this year has been considered as a very good year for me. I have spoken to many people about the graph of my life in the entertainment circle…it shouldn’t go pass 5 years. I peaked for 3 years and after that it (graph curve) started to slowly go down but Pin Anong made me peaked again. I am happy, other than my drama I also tried to improve myself such as playing in a movie and improve my appearance so it’s better. Other than that I have been doing more businesses – a fried chicken restaurant and an Esan restaurant in Khon Kaen with my professor. I brought a house and lands to keep (as investment). I also drink less, it’s a good result from doing fitness.”

Saddest thing that happened this year
“It’s love that doesn’t seem to work much. People tell me someone like Weir must have a girlfriend, must have someone to look after because I am a lonely person. That’s right. Honestly I can take care of myself but there should be someone to take care of the little specific things for me. They say I will have a girlfriend in 2013…it will work out because my life is more stable now therefore I am counting down the days – I very much want one (laugh).”

The whole outfit is so Robin Hood looking. -_-

Fun thing you want to tell us about
“I am having lots of fun with work because I am older I have more says in my work. For my businesses, I am always thinking about how to improve them so they can stay. As for acting, I have fun talking with the director so each scene could be more fun rather than just waiting to be directed only. Other than work, I also have time for some rest with my friends. I am proud to say to my friend, “Hey, let’s spend money. I earned it.” At the end of the year I have a plan with my friends to travel to Pang Ung, Pai (Thailand).”

Someone you want to hug the most right now
My mom and dad, I haven’t seen them for a long time now. Right now my mom is touring America with her friends. She retired now so she’s traveling around the world. This evening my dad will come see me. I think I will give him a hug, normally I don’t get to hug him much but because I haven’t seen him for a while I hug him unknowingly. For me, my dad is a genius, an engineer who I can consult with about everything in my life.”


Most recent hug
I recently hugged my close friends that I went to school with since kindergarten. Normally, we use improper words with each other all the time, hardly any sweetness. But that day my friends sent me off at the airport so before boarding I called them over for a hug. They have this confused face, probably shy – just thinking about their faces had me laughing on the airplane for a while.”

Next year projects we’ll get to see
I have the movie, Pitupoom: Prom Dan Hang Ruk (Fatherland). I played as a border police. It’s a love movie that has the war between the 3 provinces in the South as the background – I am a Buddhist who fall in love with Mai (Davika) who’s a Muslim. As for dramas, I have Nak Soo Maha Gaan – it’s an action drama. I played as a soldier who has special power, he’s as strong as Captain America (laugh). I plays with Tangmo Pattaratida. I also have Roy Lae Sanae Luang. It’s a dramatic drama. I have to seek revenge from the female lead’s family that caused my mom to die but eventually we fell in love. I plays with Mai Davika again.”

Source: Sudsapda Magazine
Credit: Sukollawatclub for scans

P.S. I knew he would say his parents…I was expecting they’ll ask him out of all the huggable ladies who does he wants to hug the most. Sudsapda questions are so not spicy. I would love to read Min’s interview as Ms. Huggable 2012 but I don’t see the scan of her interview anywhere. FYI: Sukollawatclub is the best fanclub when it come to scanning magazine because they tend to enlarge the scans so other people can read them easily. Other fanclubs should take note. LOL



  1. Thank you….

  2. thanks ninja

  3. ahhahah…he’s such a funny and loveable guy, no wonder he was voted as Mr. Huggable ;D I bet he miss hugging his tiny nang’ek nong Min Pechaya ;D I want more news with him and her ;D thanks Ninja for this lovely interview ;D hehe ;D

    1. cherry0223 · · Reply

      hhahahah naimee02, I like ur bet for Weir’s, but he did not dare to say it openly, hahaha ok that is just my imagination.

      Thanks Ninja!!!

  4. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Woooo Weir himeself admited that they have chemistry when they played together, ok that’s enough. so I want to take a cue from Ninja that is, Weir plz do not look too far for ur MISS RIGHT! hahhaah

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    Merry Christmas u all!!! ********************* ^ o ^

  6. Thanks ,NinjaKKN
    Merry Xmast all to you

  7. Hahaha.. i enjoyed reading his interview. He’s so funny and sweet!

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