Min Pechaya: Green Dream Wedding


Interview – 2012 No Specific Date

Your Sleeping Habit: Secrets in the Bedroom
“Regarding my sleep, I sleep like an unconscious person. Another thing is that I wriggle in bed. I fall off the bed all the time. These days I can only sleep in a king size bed. I don’t know how to change my sleeping habit and when I’m about to wake up I like to wake up when I’m in the middle of the air and about to fall off the bed. The worst I got was a bump on the head but at the end I climbed onto my bed and continued sleeping (laugh).

Your Sleeping Attire: Min’s Style
“Because I wriggle a lot for my nightwear I don’t have a nightgown…I mostly have something easy going, an oversize shirt and silky long pants. (Doesn’t it slip off since you wriggle so much?) It doesn’t slip. It’s one of those rubber style, something like that. I like to wear sport shirts to sleep because I’m used to it since I was little.”

Your Showering Method
“I am not too meticulous when it come to washing my body but I take great care of my face. If I’m not tired when I go home my face would be washed first. I have to use special creams, one for washing my face and the other for my eyes areas. I spend more than half an hour just on my face but when it come to showering I only spend 2 minutes (laugh). I divides my shower time – wash my face, wash my neck, put on cream, and then I jump into the shower…If I’m somewhere else anything is okay but if I’m at home I can’t. I have to wash my face and put on the cream then shower – when shampooing my steps would be backward. I will shower and shampoo first then I will wash my face and put on the creams. Usually it will be every 2 days that I’ll wash my hair, there’s also a 5 days one where my hair is all stinky (laugh).”

Your Life in the Car
“Most of the time I will be in my car. Anyone who see will say, “Oh no…watch out for the snake, it will strike you.” My car is a van…I can lean the car seat back and sleep on it all the time. But I have an excuse my car is not messy because of trash but because of my pillows and blanket as well – so many of them. After I adjusted my seat I have to put the pillows and blanket in place and line them so they’re all even. I covered it like an actual bed. People coming into my car would say, “What is this?” Right now I have about 10 pillows in my car and a blanket as well. Honestly, my reason for buying the van is to sleep in it (a very loud laugh).”

Sweet Dream of a Wedding
“Because I am close with my dad anyone one coming in he would know all about it but getting marry – my dad doesn’t want me to have anyone at the moment. I ask for advices from my dad on everything, there’s no issue that I didn’t tell him. He knows about everyone coming into my life. Anyone calling me I would let my dad talk. Some times I would tease him, “What type of son in law do you want.” He went quiet for a moment then say keep seeing them first, in a way of not wanting me to have a boyfriend (smile). He’s very guarded of me (in a high tone voice). My dad is more protective than my mom. My mom is more concern about my safety. I respect my dad, if I want to date someone that person have to get pass my dad first. I want someone like my dad to be my life partner. The person my dad give an okay to take care of me is the person my dad have faith in. I am not a quick tempered person. I talk to everyone as friends. We can talk…I am not refusing that but I also don’t accept them. I am a funny person…playful. The truth is that I’ve never been to places with anyone, if there’s anything I would tell my dad. It (relationship) advances from not knowing the person then becoming friends – from friend it might develop into a close friend but never to the point of becoming a lover.”

This is the closest picture I can find of Min’s dream wedding. Credit: Philippine Wedding Trends
Ceremony wedding at the circle garden

“I want to get marry in a garden where the color green is spread out in a maze circle and everyone would be in there. The wall would be completely green like in a flower garden. The bride and groom both wear white. It will be warm. The ceremony doesn’t have to be extravagant I give more emphasis on it being warm for my family. I want to get marry at the age of 32 years old. Right now I am 23 already (beginning to count her fingers…24, 25, 26…32) I have 9 years left (smile) but it’s not fixed to that extent. Maybe if the person propose marriage and he’s the one I might just get marry but my target age is 32 because there are many things I want to do. I have many goals in life, like graduating from school, I will be 24 years old. I want to work and make money. My goal is to be rich (laugh). I want a perfect family. When I get married I want to have time for my children and for my husband therefore now is the moment for me to stabilize my life. But honestly, every plan can change all the time…it’s up to the opportunity and the time we are given.”

Source: Kadlinlin (Kadailin) @ MinnieheWeir Pantip (Thank you)

P.S. This interview was said to be awhile back but I decided to share it because it’s so hilarious. I think it’s a magazine interview. Now I know her dream wedding…all green. Hehe Since they both want to get married at the same age they mind as well marry each other. ^_^



  1. Lol..cute!..thanks Nina 🙂

  2. ahaha ;D I was just thinking about the same thing you wrote ;D they should just give each other that tender love ;D Weir might just get married at the age 32 while Min will be 28 ;D but they would’ve known each other for about 6 years ;D if not, Min will be 32 and Weir will be 36 years old, and by then they would’ve known each other for about 10 years ;D hehe ;D I believe it’s a good age group to get married ;D Only time will tell ;D thanks Ninja for this lovely interview ;D I want to read more of these types of interview, it gives us the opportunity to get to know them on a personal level ;D hehe ;D

  3. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja ~~~~~~~
    I would love to read this kind of the interviews from Weir&Min’s. It makes us know to them better, which included their personalities and their minds to the life and the future.
    BTW I totally agree with Min’s point, that is, every plan can change all the time…it’s up to the opportunity and the time we are given.

  4. Wooahh, what a chemistry.. They both want to get married at the age 32.lol

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