Weir Sukollawat: Seriously Wanting To Find Love

Interview – December 2012

“This year has been a good year for me, in term of work and personal matter. It’s another year that I am happy. I know the more I grow up the more changes there will be but when people see me from an angle that differs from the before – starting from my fit body that makes look bigger, playing a drama where I have shown progress, and testing out businesses – something new apart from playing drama. It’s a brand new experience that is fun and stressful for me – no matter what my main career is still being an actor. But doing business is the beginning of building stability for my future; it’s something that changes me into a more responsible person.”


“According to my previous experience…I don’t know if it’s just my thinking but I am more mature than friends of the same age as me. The entertainment circle makes me more mature. People who can stay in the circle must be strong. We have to be calm because so many things are coming at us. We have to be able to handle all situations. There are many benefits but you have to face many things therefore before doing anything you have to think carefully. You have to be able to control yourself well, which is something I am able to do well, better than when I first come into the entertainment business. I don’t know but that’s the only thing I like about myself. I am not great or anything but I am myself, don’t need an armor to protect myself. The entertainment circle teaches us to have protective armors – if not careless we may end up wearing them too much. I believe people like something pure; those who are straightforward, optimistic, and friendly so I tried not to change myself. I have to be the same person but just stronger.”


“At the moment, I suddenly think about the things I’m doing, sometimes I think I’ve worked so much but what for. My family never pressured me that I have to be successful but I want my dad and mom to be proud of me that I am able to feed myself at a young age and reward them for their kindness (for raising me). Other than that I see my future as something simple. I want the person who will come to live with me in the future to be comfortable. My dad teaches me all the time that even though he’s not wealthy but dad can take care of his family and give them comfort. Because he lived a difficult life before he wants his next generation to live comfortably. I think like my dad, the next generations of Kanarot have to be more comfortable than me.”

“As for love, the important question I think the ladies want to know is who am I talking to – in what way, as a sibling, as a friend, or in the way of wanting to develop (the relationship) into something more special than the others persons, which once I am sure I will let her know how I clearly feel. Right now I am continuously trying (smile). This year I went to so many of my friend’s weddings that I have to ask myself, what about me? (laugh) But my friends told me you’re an actor don’t get marry yet because your rating will fall, which I think shouldn’t matter. If I meet the right person and want to get marry everything has to happen naturally even if I will have less work I will give the best care to my family. That may be my entire life. The next 2-3 years in the future I might be ready to become a good father as well but it’s not happening any time soon (laugh).”


“Next year I will turn 28 years old. Every time at the end of the year I look back at the changes in my life. Is it better or worse? Honestly, I check in with myself every day to improve myself, always. Once it’s a new day I will begin everything with happiness. I won’t pressure myself or be too careful to the point that my life won’t be natural. I will harvest the greatest amount of happiness because happiness is everywhere. The only blessing I request for is for me to meet just the good people every day. As for love and the future I am starting to get serious because many people say 32 years old is the appropriate age to get marry – if counting from 28 the time I have is another 4 years. I mutter that I’m lonely all the time especially seeing my friends get married. Some can’t come meet up they called to say they’re looking after their children. I want to say that sentence too (laugh). Because of that I have to seriously look but I am not pressuring myself or will go after it too much. My dad taught me that the more I search for it (love) the more it will escape from me. I will be calm, soon it will come on its own.”

Source: OHO Magazine
Credit: Sukollawatclub for enlarged scans

P.S. My advice to him is not to look too far. Haha



  1. Thank you!.. I hope he will find true love soon. Good luck, Weir 🙂

  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks NINja ^ o ^


    WEIR SAID “I will be calm, soon it will come on its own”.

    MIN SAID “If the person is the one he will still be the one”.

    really lovely siblings!!!!~~~~~~~

    1. ahha…I like what they both said ;D I hope they will be destine for one another ;D Weir is waiting and Min isn’t too accomplished yet, but in 4 years she will be. Plus, they both are close like siblings, that gives them a chance to get to know each other more in a different level. Gosh, I’m still cheering for them two ;D I really hope for them to be together ;D

      Thanks Ninja for the lovely interview ;D

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        naimee02 it’s our hope that Weir&Min end up together in the future, if so, I think this is the greatest present for us, and also that’s why I love to come here !!!! heheehh

  3. Thanks Ninja, when i read the interview, i was smiling and i don’t know why. Probably because i just want to say Weir, she’s right there, your own hommies LOL

    1. ahaha ;D I know right ;D my beautiful Min Pechaya ;D I bet he just can’t wait for her because she’s still in school and still new to the entertainment industry. That’s probably why Min says, “If the person is the one he will still be the one.” ahha ;D

  4. lol found it cute how he wants to say “can’t come meet you, I have to watch my kids”. Indeed, sometimes it doesn’t take that much work or you don’t have to look far. Good luck Weir.

  5. Oh I hope in the near future that they’ll end up together, then comes marriage, then comes children ;D hehe ;D I haven’t felt like this (like wanting someone to be together because they match so well) since Johnny Enfone and his wife Jariya, Chai and Vicki Sunisa, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (all of them became an item); these were the couples I felt like they should be together because of their strong chemistry together just exactly how I feel about Weir and Min now, so I hope these two can become an item as well because I have that gut feeling just like how I felt about the other couples I’ve listed above ;D hehe ;D Call me crazy, but so far they have came true ;D uuuuuuhhhhhhh ;D hehe ;D

    1. Wow Naimee…you have an amazing chemistry-dar. I cheered for Brad and Angelina too, the sparks between them was too magnetic. As for Min and Weir, if they’re meant to be they’re meant to. I like both individually enough to continue cheering for them on-screen and secretly off-screen too. Hehe Like you I also have a gut feeling they’ll end up together one day so hopefully they don’t betray us. LOL

  6. cherry0223 · · Reply

    WOOOOW naimee02, so many celebraties have became the couples that u felt. so hope WEIR&MIN come true AS WELL!!!! Yeahhhhhhhh

    1. ahah ;D Gosh, I hope so Cherry0223 ;D I won’t stop hoping until they become an item ;D hehe ;D this will definitely be my present for that year ;D hehe ;D

      1. cherry0223 · ·

        @naimee02 Exactly naimee (may I call u like this hehee),and u may call me cherry. haah
        Weir has said that he will has a gf in 2013, even though the words come from his frds haha, so let’s get together to wait !!! ohohhhohhho

  7. Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck!!! Weir.
    Hope your dream comes true.

  8. Anonymous · · Reply

    Min is a gorgeous lady, Weir is wonderful man. I think they should be a perfect couple. Come on Weir, what r u waiting for! Let’s go ask her for a true love. She’ll be 28 and you’ll turn 32 in 4 yrs later, good time to get marry. I love both of you

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