Love Messages: From Weir To Min, Min To Weir

Love Message: From Weir to Min, Min to Weir

Interview: September 2012

This is quite old from OHO magazine “Love Message” but Weir and Min’s messages to one another were too cute.

From Weir to Min

“She’s a smart kid. If there’s a chance for us to work together again I can say one thing, since Min has become a sister I am close with we can talk about anything – If I can be of help tell me. This brother is ready to help you always. The thing I am worry about her, really there are many things, her education and her health. When we were filming “Pin Anong” she also filmed “Pang Sanaeha” as well, in addition to that she has to study…seeing her at set always tired and sleeping all the time I secretly think is she going to make it. If possible I want her to rest a lot – looking for vitamins to take is also a good thing.”

From Min to Weir

“I want to tell P’Weir that he is very godlike. P’Weir is a man that many women would like to have as a lover and for me P’Weir is a cute brother and also the greatest gentleman. And he’s also a cute teacher, he teaches me acting lesson all the time making me more mature in my acting performance. If asking what I’m worry about him, it has to be about getting some rest time. A career like us it’s hard to find time to rest therefore I want him to have plenty of rest and take very good care of himself.”

Source: OHO Magazine
Credit: Sukollawatclub for the scans



  1. Aw…. 🙂
    Thank you, ninja.

  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja~~~

    The cutest brother&sister, they care for each others’ health and rest. Hehehe

  3. thanks ninja…i didn’t know she was filming two dramas at the same time.

  4. awe, thanks Ninja ;D I hope they both still feel the same way towards one another because they both were very sincere when they talked about each other especially Weir ;D Min was more of admiration and caring ;D hehe ;D again, thanks Ninja for this interview ;D that’s why I love coming in here every week, so I get to read more than just one article ;D hehehe ;D

  5. Wow, it would great to see these two together.

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    i ready want to see min and weir two together lot………………….

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