Min Pechaya: Know How To Love, Know How To Choose


Interview – Hug Magazine December 2012

The dresses she wore at events and what’s wearing today are different styles – a little sexy but once she smile the cuteness and freshness of this girl who has big eyes and soft cheek will make the surrounding immediately sweeter. I understand now how Khun Yai of Pin Anong and Yok of Yok Luerd Mongkorn feel when they meet this sweet actress, Min Pechaya Wattanamontri.

Amusements at This Moment

“Yok Luerd Mongkorn. I play as Kingmei, a small girl who is very strong. She doesn’t have a father or a mother. She’s raised by her grandmother. She’s a friend of Yok since little and that love as friends changed into a connection when they both grow up. The period when I went blind there will be many developments to the storyline to test the love of Yok and Kingmei. When we begin shooting P’Thong (Thongchai Pasongsanti) tell Porshe (Saran Sirilak) and I to watch Poo Ying Ka Krai Ya Tae (Don’t Touch My Woman) and Always so they can awaken our emotions. This drama is fun because of the problems between the two families – mafia gangs competing with one another. With P’Porshe this is the first time we really got to work with one another as well. The fact that we’re around the same age playing together has become easier and enjoyable. And I have another drama that will begin shooting soon. I have events and magazine shoots. If you see my face please follow and support me (laugh).”

Difficulty of Your Characters

“I cried a lot for both dramas but they’re different. Pin Anong has a period where people would leave some good comments. Pin Anong look like a weak woman from the outside but really she is very strong. She slowly teaches Khun Yai and gives him support. Even though they would argue she would tell him revenge will only hurt each other. As for Yok Luerd Mongkorn, it’s serious, it’s a romantic drama plus action. It’s a life drama that is fun. The character is realistic. Mom died and she must face a trouble life. Dramatization normally happens to my characters, it made me cried – crying until my eyes swelled. I thought I got punch when I woke up (laugh). They’re two different styles of difficulty.”

Actors You Want to Work With

“I like many older generation actors so I can learn many good things from them. I wanted to play with R’Dao (Duangdao Jarujinda) and in Yok Luerd Mongkorn I got to play with her. I am very happy. We cry excessively (laugh). I got to learn many acting techniques from her. In Pin Anong I got to play with P’Kaew (Apiradee Pawaputanon). I like to beg her, please teach me (laugh).”


Something Impressive About Khun Yai

“Khun Yai is not a male lead character in a lakorn. He’s not dumb. He know what the bad people as well as what the female lead character are up to. No matter what she (Pin Anong) does, how many times she run away from his life he will find a way to go after her because he love her. He’s honest with his own feeling, never lie to himself. He’s not pretentious. He’s always help Pin. He’s a very warm character. He’s very jealous because he loves her. Not only is he’s jealous of men – he has this one quote, “When I see a male horse, a male rabbit, or a male dog come near you I will kill them all (laugh). It’s very funny. So cute. Khun Yai has a character and that make him very enchanting. He’s a cute man and the way P’Weir conveyed his emotions were perfect and uncritical. When the antagonist (Nee) tried to trick him into believing they had slept together he told her, really. He could careless and just walk away from her (laugh).

A Younger Sister Who’s Easy to Bully by Many

“I have asked, is it fun? They said it’s fun because of my reaction…irritating me and I would have many reactions toward it (laugh). Sometimes I just want to sit still but they still annoy me. P’Porshe loves to annoy (laugh). During Pin Anong I also got tricked so I am used to it. I also have an older brother who loves to annoy me since we were little…he loved to pinch my cheek. We played together I let it go because it made him happy – he can go ahead and annoy me. Now my brother just got married he probably has someone to annoy in placed of me (laugh). Our entire family will likely go crazy once they have their first born because P’Mac is the first grandchild who got married. He’s also the son of the oldest son. His first born will probably get to wear gold as clothing. I think I will secretly go steal the gold to wear before my niece or nephew arrives (laugh).


Sweet Color Heart

“I don’t have one yet (laugh). Right I am emphasizing everything on my studies and work. Even though there are news they’re not true. It does add colors to my life (laugh). If someone is coming into my life right now I would thank that person for wanting to be nice but I feel that I still am not ready. I’m afraid I won’t able to take of that person. I am having fun with work more and I am very attached to my friend. Therefore having someone is something important and it’s something for the future. If the person is the one he will still be the one – love is a beautiful thing when one is ready. When that day comes people will follow their own destination – we shouldn’t rush it.”

Crossing a Big Barricade

“I have helpers, many people – my friends, mom and dad, and my entire family. I give honor to my friends and family when it comes to making a decision. Anyone coming in will have to be considered first. My dad is worry about my health and work. He once told me, just studying and working is exhausting already, if I have someone I have to take care of I would be even more tired. He made me understand instantly. My dad says things that are reasonable.”

Your Dream Love

“I want a complete family life. Everything depends on suitability, readiness, and my heart. Maybe it’s love but I’m not ready for that yet. I put a brake on it because that feeling can change, today I might be okay with someone but that might not be the case in the future. We should be friends, continue to be friends. Have fun with living life. No need to rush it. My friends like to tell me about love and I would keep that as self knowledge. I think if we love the right way love can be a beautiful thing, that powerful strength for us. Sometimes couple should have little fight it add color to life in another way. I have friends telling me about love, after complaining they carry on with their love. It’s despicable (laugh).”


The Real Man in Your Life

“The man I love the most in this world is my dad. I am very close with my dad. My dad is calm and kind. My family is in Khon Kaen, as for me I am studying and working in Bangkok. I telephone them always (sweet smile). I am astounded by the love of my dad. My family used to go bankrupt and my dad has to work very hard. He accepted all kind of jobs, for his children, everything he did was for his children. His life is to take care of his family. It’s very much a virtuous love. I never feel that I can love a man as much as my dad again. The love that I have for him is so much. I don’t know if I can ever pay him back. Every step I take I will always have my dad and mom. No matter what problem I will face in the future, falling or rising, I know I can overcome it because I have both of their love by my sides.”

A Hug That Refreshes You

“There was this one day when I slept – I was exhausted which usually I am a cheerful kid but that day I was sick. Listlessly, I went to my dad and he asked me, how are you? Why do you look so listless? I told him it’s nothing and went to hug him from behind with my face snuggling his back. My dad asked, are you tired, it’s okay if you’re tired, just keep hugging Pa and that’s all it took for me to feel untired. After having enough of hugging him we talked about work.”

Pictures of Min getting her refreshing hug from her dad…credit MinnietheWeir.


Source: http://www.hugmagazine.com

P.S. What I learn from this interview, A.) Min is in love with Khun Yai hehe, B.) She’s not rushing to have a love life because love to her need caring and plenty of times, and C.) Her family went bankrupted before but they’re now very successful in real estate because her dad worked very hard.

Love her description of Khun Yai. Who wouldn’t love a cute, funny, playful, warm, kindhearted father, and loving husband like him? He’s enchanting alright. I would love to steal him away from Pin but too bad he’s a slave to loving her. ^_^ I find it funny when she say P’Porshe, out of respect for him but she’s actually two years older than him. Haha



  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thank u Ninja.
    This interview touched my heart no matter the content itself or ur translation. From the article, I realized that Papa is an excellent and responsible husband, father and son for the whole family. Especially, for Min, he seems a super hero and reliable friend. I really admire the relationship between father and children. ^ 0 ^

    And the Khun Yai is an unforgettable character in Min’ life.


  2. Thanks Ninja. Seriously, i didn’t know about father being bankrupt, just thought they’re always rich. This interview make me love her even more, she’s down to earth, humble & friendly with everyone

    1. I know, no wonder, the guys fall for her because of her personality ;D She’s such a great and warmhearted person ;D I’m sure she implies this to her Hia or P’Weir, “If the person is the one he will still be the one – love is a beautiful thing when one is ready. When that day comes people will follow their own destination – we shouldn’t rush it.” hehe ;D wouldn’t it be nice if it’s true ;D I just can’t get over them ;D thanks Ninja for this lovely interview ;D

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