Weir Sukollawat: Lonely But Not Alone


Interview – Crow Magazine December 2012

Weir Sukollawat: Lonely But Not Alone

“I am one of those very delinquent kids. I’ve been through many things. I raced motorcycle. I would drink and get into a brawl. I was not studious but I was a responsible kid. I can do anything that a studious child can do. Was my grade at their level? No. I can do it. But I was awful I would walk off and punch the guy who drove past me (cutting my lane) without feeling anything because I feel that the person deserved it because he was wrong.”


“I studied in 6th year and during that time my house would have a computer. One computer. During that era it was very expensive, my brother and I both have to use it. I would snatch it and not let my brother play. Once I’m done I would snitch to my mom and say he won’t let me play. Normally I won’t get yell at by my mom because I’m the younger brother. My mom yelled at me after finding out I was really wrong. I got furious. My brother was annoying me as well, it resulted in me grabbing the kitchen knife and going after him. My mom was also there. I was like a mad person. I was crying also but I must stab him. I don’t feel good about it. After that event I was able to think that I shouldn’t do that again. I went to say sorry to my mom and my brother.”


“Anger is stupid. Rage is craziness. Suffering is due to an anger that lacks consciousness. It’s up to me. In the end for that mistake no one suffered more than I did. I was able to face my brother for a month. After I was able to think that it wasn’t serious to the point I can’t handle it. I loosen up and left it behind me. If we become too interested and care too much about the feeling of others it will make our life stressful and become too hot tempered. We can go crazy without knowing, especially to those in front of us because if they don’t love us then we can lose them. Not carrying it (the stress) will make us cooler. From an angry person before, now I’ve changed into someone who forbids everything (laugh).”


“I am not afraid of that. Most of the times there’s a problem because people don’t have the time to check into their business. They leave it to the shareholders. They didn’t visit their business often, when you don’t come in to check the revenues and the expenses or check how the profit came out to be (that can be problematic). You must have a complete account (bank). You have to go in and check. No one will say anything to you. Ask today what are the expenditures? Don’t just wait for the dividend given out every month because they (shareholders) might think you don’t care your business (laugh). If you’re going to do a business but don’t have the time for it I think it’s best not to do it because it won’t work. Just one day you can go in for an hour. Go in the evening. Go check in on the employees. Go see if there’s any problem or not.”


“Solitude harmed me since I came to live in Bangkok (BKK), at the time no one knew me. At my school in Khon Kaen I have many friends. I lived with my mom, dad, and relatives. When I came to live in BKK I have to live alone. I came into the entertainment circle at the age of 20. I was very depressed. I looked like a solo wanderer amid the big city. I was lonely every day. Everyone might not see it. My acting was not good. I told them it was not my path, it was better for me to continue my education. I can’t remember the scripts at all. I can’t act. I blocked everyone camera’s angles. Everyone pressured me. The drama will soon open. They have to work for them (the production). Dad and mom didn’t come to visit me. I called my friends. My friends were eating and having fun. I wanted to return home. I don’t want to stay anymore. I sent this message to my friends, “I am in the wood. I am lost as well. Very lonely.” When my friends came to BKK I cried. Sometimes I would cry like a homesick kid.”


“After having fun the loneliness often stayed with me, before I always have a girlfriend, all the time never lacking but this recently has been the longest I’ve been single in my life. Even though I have many friends but I feel lonely because I don’t have a girlfriend. When my friend asked what is something a girlfriend can’t do it instantly make me feel lonely. They come out to compete with each other every year so I am left sitting listlessly. I tried not to think about it. Not that everyone would say “A Man Can Forget In a Minute.” It’s not up to whether you’re a woman or a man that the past won’t happen to you. I don’t want to mention this but my friends love to talk about their grandchildren too much (laugh). But when I do have a girlfriend sometimes I don’t want to be with her. I like to be alone. I don’t know, no matter where I go there’s solitude. People might see me as a friendly person, someone who smiles easily but I am a lonely person. Everyone would tell me, Weir must have a girlfriend, you must, as if I can’t survive by myself.”

Behind the scene…gotta look cool.

From bad boy back to peace loving Weir again.

Source: Crow Magazine
Credit: Sukollawatclub for the enlarged scans

P.S. Nothing is hotter than a reformed person and in Weir’s case a reformed bad boy. So what I learn from this interview A.) He was such a bad boy, B.) He’s a good businessman, C.) He wants his own personal space with or without a girlfriend, D.) He’s lonely (Min can help him with that haha). “Anger is stupid. Rage is craziness. Suffering is due to an anger that lacks consciousness.” I wholeheartedly agree with him and love the way he quoted it. And I did tried my best to match the quotes with the best fit pictures. LOL



  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Ninja, I’m so appreciated your translation, and ur P.S it is so true. Thank u!
    This interview moved me at a great degree, which made me recognize him as well. Weir experienced too much in the past, but I think it is not only left the painful memory but also it might be a spiritual wealth for him. Therefore, all of those happy or unhappy memories and experiences formed the NEW Weir.

    I hope that person is …… hahahahaha

  2. @cherry0223, you’re right! that interview made me look at him at a whole new level, you can feel his loneliness & sadness. However i do believe he found his MISS RIGHT but he just didn’t know it yet lol and that person is …….( i’m taking a cue from u)..ha..ha..

    1. cherry0223 · · Reply

      ashamb, exactly we can feel his feelings from this artcile to some extend.
      and also I hope he has found his MISS RIGHT just did not realise it…. ^ O ^

      1. ahhaa ;D I like where you guys are heading to ;D I hope you guys are right ;D his little nong Min Pechaya ;D hehe ;D

        I total agree with you guys, it almost made me cried to read this because you can truly feel and understand his level of pain and sorrow ;c I’m sure he’s scarred from it especially the incident he did to his brother; now that his brother is no longer with him ;C very very sad ;c Good to know he’s a better person today ;D

  3. Thank you for the interview translation. Weir, wow, it’s interesting learning about him more. He really sounds like he used to be a total bad boy. Like you said, he’s reformed and dang he works hard.

  4. After I read this interview, I’m more curious about him.
    Weir,don’t give up!! you are still young.
    Thanks for translation, NinjaKKN

    1. yeah, I’m with you, it can get pretty scary for someone who feels lonely and had a depressed life before ;c I hope he can open his door to Min to help him see a happier and brighter light ;D hehe ;D

  5. Thanks Ninja for the translatation!

  6. wow…..thanks Ninja ;D this is what I’m talking about, interviews or articles like these gives us a deeper level with our super stars ;D I really thank you for all of your hard work and time you put into for this forum ;D

    It’s amazingly great that Weir turned his life around to become a better person ;D I’m so proud of him to have come this far with his life coming from being a unlikable guy to a loveable guy ;D Since, he’s so lonely now, he may just be waiting for Min to finish school, so they can start dating ;D also, he said, he had always have a girlfriend, but some time he doesn’t even want to be with them, so that implies to Gif ;D hehe ;D she’s just his toy for now until Min comes along ;D hehe ;D Great for him to be able to think better for himself ;D

    again, thanks Ninja ;D very much appreciated ;D

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