Summary: Roy Lae Sanae Luang


Roy Lae Sanae Luang (Charming Deception) – 2013

Novelist: Bussayamat (Nangfah Gub Satan)
Scriptwriter: Sirigon
Director: Thanasit Ariyasinwirakun
Producer: DaraVDO
Broadcast Channel: Channel 7 (BBTV)

Weir Sukollawat as Krao
Mai Davika as Anuch/Nuch
Chane Nattawat as Asit
Tuinui Pasaraporn as Orracha/Orn
Yok Thanyakan as Lalita
Note Watcharabul as Pharop
Mac Weeradon as Chaithong
Hana Lewis as Tarin/Rin
Ice Athichanan as Korawik/Nok

The Vichawayt were a wealthy family. They have a big house and are owners of a big corporation, a construction company but once their parents died via a vehicle accident the three remaining children were left to face this important twist of faith in their lives. Asit, the older brother of the family and his wife, Lalita took over the family’s construction business. Orracha, the second sister took care of everything in the household. Anuch, the youngest sister studied in England but because of the changes in her financial state Nuch has to find a benefactor to finance her education – she received aid from Pa, an old man named Chaat from Thailand. Chaat felt a familiar connection with Nuch who reminded him of his daughter whom life was cut short by a car accident. She too was named Nuch.

Subsequently, the Vichawayt’s contruction company will be hired by a young millionaire magnate named Krao Supagan who offered the company a contract to build a grand hotel costing several hundreds millions bahts. Anuch came back to Thailand with her best friend, Korawik (Nok) who happened to know Krao Supagan. Nok is the daughter of Krao’s close friends. Because Krao and Nok have feeling for one another it was not surprising that Krao and Nuch were to meet each other often at her house. Nuch saw Krao as an enigma, a strange person but she missed him when he’s not around. Nuch’s feeling for Chaithong, her boyfriend changed for when he offered her marriage Nuch refused and declared she’s not ready yet.

Then Chart fell sick – it was revealed to Nuch that her Pa is actually Krao’s uncle. Anuch accepted to be Chart’s caretaker which went according to Krao’s plan. Krao then continued on with his scheme by going after Orracha and Lalita, every woman of the Vichawayt will be under his wrath.

The situation got worst for the Vichawayt when debt collectors came after their family home, if they didn’t pay up, their house will get seize. Krao helped the family by giving them 20 million baht to borrow but because the money was his the house became his property.

Then Asit got into an accident giving Krao the opportunity to get close to his wife. Lalita is infatuated with Krao who reminded her of her ex-lover, Chewin. Krao had an affair with Lalita and the two were seen by Chaithong who brought the news to Anuch. Anuch hated Krao and was disappointed by the conduct of the two. Krao carried on with his plan to destroy the family by going after Orn.

Krao brought Orn stuffs and flirted heavily with her. Anuch told Krao to stop his involvements with her sister and sister-in-law. Krao offered her marriage as a solution which she agreed because she felt sorry for her brother and wanted to help her sister who used to say she hated Krao but has now fallen in love with him. Both Lalita and Orn were sadden and upset by this news. Orn quietly married Pharop as a result of her grief over Krao. As for Nok, she was very hurt by her best friend’s wedding to Krao that she fled to America with her family.

Krao gave Nuch a one year contract in the marriage before he can divorce her, a promise he made to his uncle who knew why he wanted to marry her. On their wedding night Krao proceeded with his plan and raped Nuch to be his wife. He also told her his reason for doing so – he revealed to her that the Vichawayt family deserved all of this because his mom was raped by her dad. Nuch’s dad raped a woman despite knowing that she already has a son and husband and that husband was none other than his old friend, the man that helped him to richness with his business. His mother was hurt – being overwhelmed with shame she committed suicide.

Lalita still have feeling for Krao, after she divorced her husband she tried to seduce Krao but he got angry with her. He found her repulsive. He scolded her harshly and asked her if she still remember Chewin or not, the guy who got his heart broken by her and committed suicide as a result of that heartache. Chewin was Krao’s younger brother, everything Krao did to Lalita was out of revenge not love. Krao told Lalita that she’s nothing to him but a cheap woman. Furious and hurt by his words Lalita took out a gun to shoot Krao but Nuch took the bullet for him instead landing her in a critical condition in the hospital. Krao Supagan found himself losing tears for the daughter of his enemy.

Times passed by everyone lives changed. Orn gave birth to her first child with Pharop. Asit went to America to gain work experience. Lalita was sentenced to jail time for her crime. Anuch made a complete recovery from being shot. She thought to herself always that her time has come, Nok will return to Thailand to marry Krao as promised.

A letter came to Anuch stating that Nok is now in a happy relationship with a Thai student there. Nuch felt bad for Krao. Krao told Nuch that he only thought about loving Nok but he didn’t love her. Krao told her the truth about his feeling for her, the truth was that he love the angel named Anuch. The End.


Mai, Yok, Weir, and Mac…credit DavikaH.

The three Vichawayt, Krao Supagan’s victims…credit DavikaH.

Awww…Krao has a sweet side to him unlike in the Krao of the old version…credit as tagged

A slap-kiss scene of Weir and Mai and according to what I’ve read Mai said there will be quite a handful of these scenes. Mai is okay with real kiss, everything is up to the director and as usual the kiss is real so is the slap. Weir prefer to be slapped for real just like he prefer to kiss his leading lady for real, just to be fair. Haha

Weir and Yok in bed together. Since there will be more of Krao and Nuch’s moments then there should be less of Lalita and Krao right?…credit yokthunyagun.

My thought on this drama:

I have to say the storyline is very dark, heavy, and stressful for the viewers and especially for the actors. You have a guy losing both of his parents at a young age and to make his life even more traumatizing he was there to witness his own parent’s death with his eyes. He grew up with this monstrous hatred toward the person (s) who did his family wrong. The traumatization from his childhood carried itself into his adult life where he intended to unleash his pain onto to his enemies. The previous version was under the name Nangfa Gub Satan (Goddess and Satan) starring Johnny Anfone and Namfon Kamonchanok more than ten years ago. It was broadcasted by channel 3 and this version (2013) will be via channel 7. Personally, I think this version will be less intense than the previous because channel 7 has their way of watering the issues down a notch as compared to channel 3. I’ve watched many lakorns (dramas) from both channels growing up minus the last 4-5 years of my sabbatical. Some might agree or disagree with me but if channel 3 was given an intense storyline expect the outcome to be intensified, compared it to a hurricane it will be a category 4 while channel 7 will try to bring it down to a category 3. I’m very selective in what I watch nowadays. I like stress-free dramas but I do have my occasional exceptions, it depend on the actors in it and the storyline. This drama was quite good despite my dislike for the rape scene.

The rape scene was pretty horrific. Hopefully in this version the scene will be less vulgar, no need to see Krao ripping Nuch’s clothes off like a crazy wild animal. I’m not anticipating this scene at all but I do want to see the scene prior to it where Krao let the cat out of the bag and tell Anuch what horrible crime her family has done to him. Krao has been drinking all night at his wedding party. I guess he felt the need to be drunk in order to muster all courage and demon in him to go through with his last plan and victim. It was a very emotional scene and Johny Anfone did a great job as Krao. Krao told his parents before meeting his bride in their bedroom, “Dad. Mom. It’s time for me to avenge the Vichawayt now…they deserve it, for all the terrible things they have done to us. And this Vichawayt is the last one. I won’t let her get away.” You can watch the video clip below, credit to FanLakornThai, or just read from my translation minus the acting performance.


“It’s time. Go. What are you wasting my time for?”


“It’s time to get on the cutting board and get ready to be chopped now.”

“You don’t have just a filthy mouth you’re also barbaric.”

“Okay. I am a bad person. But less than your own dad! Did you hear me? I’m telling you that your dad…that bastard Phasit Vichawayt is worst than a wild animal.”

“Stop it! My dad died already! What did he do to you?”

“Your dad…A friend who have done favor for one another but when his friend’s business failed and felt sick. Very desperate so his wife went to ask for help from that bastard. You know what he did? That bastard Phasit Vichawayt instead raped his wife. That woman escaped the embarrassment by hanging herself to death.”

“His body that was already weak but faced with the sadness and extreme torture he wasn’t able to continue on with his wife. He killed himself.”

“Khun Krao.”

“How can that bastard do that? How can he?! You know? He left his child, a son to face the world alone. From a family that used to be warm, everything was destroyed because of the sexual urge of that bastard Phasit Vichawayt. Do you hear me?! Do you hear?! The sexual urge of that bastard Vichawayt.”

“That young boy is you?”

“That kid has to see his own parents died before his own eyes. He doesn’t have a mom to sing and tell him bedtime story. He doesn’t have a dad to teach him to play sports. That kid can only put himself in a dark corner so he can secretly cried alone. That kid can’t be anyone other than this man, Krao Supagan.”

“I never knew about this before Khun Krao.”

“It’s a sin that hid in my heart for twenty years. I was able to live until today because of revenge. This fire of revenge in me can never be stopped if the Vichawayt didn’t pay back for what they have done. I was able to live until today because of revenge. This fire of revenge within me can never be stopped if the Vichawayt didn’t pay back for what they have done. You don’t have the right. You know…you have no right to correct this! Because you’re the kin of that bastard!”

“How do you want me to pay back for that sin?”

“I will be your husband via rape.”


“The Vichawayt have to taste what is like to be hurt and tortured. The whole things…the whole things like that of what my mom has received.”

That’s pretty much the dialogue before he started ripping her clothes off. The next day he found himself at a loss for words. This was actually my favorite scene between the leads. He wanted to apologize to her but the words couldn’t escape his mouth. I guess he didn’t know how to phrase his words or what to say that will lessen the pain and take everything that he did away. Nuch said to Krao, “You don’t have to rip my clothes off for me. Just yell me when you want it and I will take my own clothes off.” “Why do I have people telling me how good of a person you are? I am closest to you, whether you’re good or bad I know. I see,” he said. “It’s okay. I don’t care what you see me as,” she replied with tears. “I want to…I want to tell you. I want to tell you I want to hug you like this. I want to hug you like this,” he said after taking her into his embrace. Sometimes words are meaningless, in this case the most sincere words Krao can say to Nuch is that he just want to hug her.

Personally, I hate all drama with rape theme. I was okay with it when I was younger and naive but as one age, understand more about life, and actually know people who have experienced such thing in real life I absolutely find it nauseating. I don’t understand how a character can be considered as a hero after having done such a loathsome act. The fact that these rapists are quite common in Thai dramas is bothersome to me, hence why I shy away from Thai entertainment for a while. Reality or just drama there is no acceptable reason for this hideous and despicable act. No female character should be raped and there is no need for a hero character to become a rapist.

How funny that often times the hero will rescue his heroine from the bad guy wanting to rape her but who will be there to save her when the hero himself tried to rape her? No one because it’s an unacceptable act for the bad guys but it’s fine and dandy for the hero to rape her. That act of hate eventually will become all rosy and sunshine because what follows that is romance. Awww…he did for love. That’s a bunch of craps. There’s no way anyone can romanticize rape and Stockholm’s Syndrome experienced by those female leads are equally unacceptable and unjustifiable. Many people give it a hall pass because 1.) it’s just a lakorn, your everyday Thai drama, 2.) it’s a culture thing where men and women can’t be intimate unless they’re married, 3.) every character has his/her flaws. Well to me it’s not a culture thing because there is no such thing as a culture of rape. It’s not a character flaw either because being gullible and easily tricked by the bad guys is a flaw but raping a woman to become your wife is called committing a crime.

Rape is not a crime of passion but a crime of power and control, the strong preying on the weak. I don’t care if these are just dramas. People tend to forget that dramas are reflections of real life. Those characters are not real but there are plenty of people who have suffered in ways similar to them. I don’t even want to get on the worldwide statistics on the violence against women when according to a study out this year in Thailand alone there are 1 out of a 100 women have been sexually assaulted by men in their life times. Life imitates art, but too bad, ratings rule over social responsibility. People are in it for the shock factor and these types of scene have been overused in Thai dramas for as long as I can remember. I find it unnecessary in a drama. We’re in the 21st century you know. I’ve watched plenty of Thai dubbed Chinese dramas and they would censored a glass of wine, beer bottles, a character smoking a cigarette, and a character pointing a gun to others or to his/her own head but never rape scene, why is that? Sexual assault is not a big issue?

Anyway, this drama is probably the only one where the male lead did not rape the female lead out of just hate, jealousy, or some stupid revengeful misunderstanding. I can understand the logic behind Krao’s reasoning but that doesn’t mean what he did was right and justifiable. Krao has a deep hatred toward the Vichawayt family, his parents died because of them and he was left as an orphan at a very young age. In his heart, Krao acknowledged that it was wrong to do that yet he think committing the same act that was placed upon his mother to Nus will somehow lessen his pain, complete his mission of revenge for his parents, and make the two families even. He successfully revenged the entire Vichawayt family making him even with them. I guess you can say eye for an eye, rape for a rape is justifiable in Krao’s mindset but after committing the act he did realized that his pain can never be resolved by doing the same thing he find abhorrent and shameful. He turned himself into an evil man like Phasit, the person he hated all his life. He later found out that there really was no point to his revenge either because Phasit is not alive to see the suffering of his children and two wrongs don’t make a right. The revenge actually caused Krao more pain because he did something loathsome to the person he actually love and care about.

At first I wasn’t going to watch this but I am excited now after having read the summary and rewatching a little bit of Nangfa Gub Satan. And I want to see how well Weir will portray this character. I will sub this drama hence the tab up there for Charming Deception if no one haven’t notice yet. That’s where the link will be posted. As for my reason for the title, the closest translation to Roy Lae Sanae Luang to me is The Charm of Deception or Charming Deception (roy lae = trick/sly/deception, sanae = charm, and luang = deception/falsehood). I will try to sub this drama while it’s airing but don’t expect a speedy output because I work according to my own pace and depending on the free time I have. I think the best I can do it one episode per week if I religiously work on it 2-3 hours every night plus the latest version of aegisub is much smoother than before. But no promise on that, the only promise is that this drama will be subbed from beginning to end.

Everything is pretty much the same from the summary except for the addition of a dead character named Chewin because in the original Krao doesn’t have a brother. Krao was a playboy and he used Lalita to his advantage without a care in the world. I guess Chewin is the excuse they’ll use in this version for Krao to go after Lalita, he now has a vindictive alibi rather than being just a woman user. And the ending didn’t sound like it will be ambiguous nor will it end at the hospital like in the original version so yeah. The End of my very long post along with my rant which I’ve been wanting to get it off my chest for a long time now. I might have to write a very long letter to the Thai Ministry of Culture if they keep pumping out these rape themes in dramas. Not joking either. I am serious. I can write a very passionate 10-20 pages to get my point across. Only problem is that I don’t watch that many Thai lakorns to know if there will be rape scene or not. Haha There you have the summary plus my thoughts. You can disregard my boring long thoughts but kuddos to those who actually read the whole thing. Hehe



  1. Thank you very much for the summary! Wow, this is going to be just as much drama as I expected, from what I read previously on other forums. I’m glad that you think it will be less heavy with ch.7 because I find myself very easily caught up in the very heavy type of lakorn and my emotions are just roller coasters.
    Pwahaha, real slaps and real kisses. Works for me. I hope once Krao gets his revenge on the other family members, there will be much more focus on him with Nus.And thanks to your summary, I also discovered more about how the characters are interrelated. Wow, this is going to be a tough one to watch. I was naively hoping that they might alter this new version to the point that he doesn’t go womanizing with Nus’ sis and sis-in-law.
    The translation you gave of his dialogue right before going to meet his bride is real intense and leaves such a bitter feeling, the way he is going into the room as if finishing off an enemy. How in the world are these two going to fall in love?! Seriously.
    The thing that gets me is that he’s doing all this towards Phasit’s children, and it takes him til the end to realize that the guy he should be going after is already dead and there is no point in hurting his innocent children. *sigh* Sometimes I don’t know why I watch lakorn that is set up with one character’s extremely twisted mind. But I’m a big Weir fan. ><
    The other thing I'm still crossing my fingers with is that I want a full closure ending. They can't make me sit through hours of something this stressful and then end it at the hospital like in the old version. Just saying, heh.

    Yeah, when I was researching the storyline and came across the rape scene for Johnny's version, I was appalled. Just like you, a while before this I had finally come to the point where I just couldn't appreciate a lakorn that romanticized rape between the pranang, because whether it's real or "just a lakorn" it's stll happening and still promoting the idea that rape is acceptable. Sadly, I don't think we will be able to avoid it in this one. Thai lakorn is improving on this point, but since they also like doing remakes…Hm.

    Lookin forward to your subtitles. I'm a patient viewer. =)

  2. Thank you so much for your long explaination..
    I totally agree about the rape issue. But seems most of the viewers ok with that kind of lakorn..What can we do..
    Yeayy, i’m so hoping you will sub this lakorn..
    I will wait patiently for your video..
    Thank you in advance.

  3. Thank you for the summary. Nevertheless i definitely think this will be a hit drama next year.

    1. You’re welcome. I think so too. Lol

  4. Dinonuggets1 · · Reply

    Usually i dont mind slap and kis and rape scenes but I dont think i would be able to watch this drama. I recently watched the version with johnny anfone and his acting was superb. Too good and dramatic for me to even watch. This drama has a very logical reasoning to it but it’s just disgusting to me. The story line is very well indeed overwhelming.

    I think weir will do a great job with this role.

  5. SkinyWinky · · Reply

    Thanks for deciding to sub this. I know subbing can be an annoying n time consuming job ( I help at viki occasionally). Take ur time n we non-thais will appreciate it. Can’t wait for it to start.

    1. Yes very very annoying because it take so much time just to finish one episode. Lol

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll do my best. 😀

  6. Thanks for the summary. As i was comment on the other article, i can’t wait to watch it. I agreed with rape scense. Coming from a different culture, i was shock when i found out there are always a rape scense in every lakorn. i literally wanted to give up on Lakrons, but i glad i didn’t.

  7. Ninjakkn, I wondered if you can sub back Nangfah Gub Satan? I wanted to know the dialogues, especially sarcastic Krao

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