Min Wants to Maintain the Friendship; Chin is Not Downhearted, Will Continue His Pursuit


Interview: December 3, 2012

Chin announces he has not given up, will continue to pursue Min – admits she is the only girl he is talking to (as in getting to know her at a deeper level) and would like to invite Min to play in his music video. On the other hand, Min says just friends all along, will re-consider (any suitors) once she graduated from university.

Chin manly answers as of now he’s conversing with only Min Pechaya Wattanamontri, just her. For singer, Chin Chinawut Indracusin, previously there were news stating he has given up, slowly he has distanced himself. While Min declared just friends all along, despite talking for some times her heart still has not soften, recently the two were said to have distanced from one another due news of them that were written negatively.

“I’m not distancing myself. I am still the same, still talking to her. There’s nothing,” says Chin. Are you talking with her less? “No, I still talk with her the same. What I’ve said is that if there’s anything that’s too heavy or will have too much of an effect on her, more than this in regard to me – I’ll back off. That’s what I said when I said “if” if it will affect her more than this because of me I may be the first person to take a step back so that it doesn’t affect her during that time. I know that a guy being associated with this type of news shouldn’t be too much of a problem but when a girl have this news it’s not a good thing…I don’t want to do anything that will make her look bad.” Chances that this will progress into a boyfriend/girlfriend status should be hard now. “I don’t think it’s hard (laugh). She is clear already on when she will be ready, every time she gives an interview her answer will be the same is that she want to graduate from school first. For me, if I feel happy to talk with her, no matter what – as friends or boyfriend. No matter what…if I’m happy to know this person as a friend in the entertainment circle – knowing each other is not something that is wrong.”

Before this it look like you want to distance yourself, Chin says it’s not true, “I am still talking to her. Because if you follow the news she also said we’re still talking. There’s nothing that should make me take a step back…really.” Chin is not downhearted, right, with the news and all that came out in a negative light? “Does it looks like I am downhearted? I’m not downhearted because like I said I talk to her as someone I know and there’s nothing wrong to that. It’s a good thing that people in the entertainment circle know each other. I have the chance to work with her – I’m willing because I wanted to work with her. Honestly, I’ve asked her to be in my MV (music video) since my last album but during that time her channel didn’t allow it so she didn’t have the chance to play in my MV.”

Have you contacted her for your new album yet? “I have already. I told her to come play in my MV. She said, I have to look at my schedule first. Look out for it, if you see it then she will be in my MV for sure.” Will there be a chance for that? “There should a chance. Wait and anticipate it because I am also eagerly awaiting for that chance.” And will you wait for her to graduate, she said wait for her to finish school? “This question at this moment you ask me, my answer is yes I can. If I answer now I say okay. I am not talking with other people. Right now I am busy especially in the next two months, I am working on my new album also. It make me think should I wait or not but I am happy to talk with her, knowing each other is better.”

Min accepting her Most Popular Actress Award at Sudsapda’s Young and Smart Award.

Min on the hand says this about her relationship with Chin, “Still the same. There’s nothing at all because I am still the same as always. And I would like to thank Chin very much since the first day that we know each other til today Chin has always given me respect and has been very nice to me. I thanks him for that. I am still the same.” He says he’s willing to wait for you to graduate. “Did you spin that yourself (laugh)? Whichever way it’s still cute.” When will you graduate? “I will graduate around the middle of next year.” Chin says he can wait. “Then let’s wait and see (laugh).” If he can wait, will you give him a chance? “The same, I don’t feel sorry or anything. I will keep our relationship like this forever. Well it’s still in this form, I don’t know what to say now, honestly.”

Is he your type at all? “I don’t know. It’s still the same.” Do you like a guy like this? “Because he’s a clear person…it’s good (smile).” Are you in distress having news like this? “Yes. For me, I see myself as an actress, a celebrity in this entertainment business therefore I feel glad that my friends in the same circle feel good about me. It’s better than not liking each other. Better than having a problem, having a quarreling news. Honestly, I feel good that I have something like this because I want to maintain this level, carry myself like this from now on. I want to have works for my fanclub to watch more. I don’t think of that (having a relationship) right now. I want to focus on my study and work more. I tell myself everyday that I have to work harder.” He invited you to play in his MV, are you ready? “He didn’t contact me (laugh). This is up to the channel also. If going by my feeling I can do it. I won’t even ask for a paycheck – willing to do it for a friend (smile). If there will be shyness, of course there will be some, we’re not that close so when we meet there will be some shyness feeling.”

Source: http://m.thairath.co.th/content/ent/310556


Sudsapda Young & Smart Winners List

Most Popular Actress – Min Pechaya Wattanamontri
Most Popular Actor – Boy Pakorn Chatborirak
Most Popular Pop Song – Rak Ter 24 Chua Mong (Love You 24 Hours) by Kangsom Tanatat Chaiyaat
Most Popular Artist – Gun Napat Injaieua
Most Popular Movie – ATM Er Rak Er Rer
Most Popular TV Moderator – Pom Paem, Godji, and Gof of Toie Tiew Thai (Trannies Travel Thai)
Most Popular TV Show – The Voice Thailand
Most Popular Radio Station – 94 EFM
Stylish Girl – Opal Panisara Pimbru
Stylish Guy – Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong
People of the Year – EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit)

The top 4 actors list were so close, if only Sukollawatclub did their job Weir would have been up there instead of Boy. Haha Just kidding…His fanclub is the best and so is Minnieclub because she edged out Yaya by a mere 3 points.

Top 4 Actors Total Votes
1. Boy Pakorn 45.6715
2. Nadech Kugimiya 45.6468
3. Weir Sukollawat 45.6283
4. Um Atichart 45.5734

Top 2 Actresses Total Votes
1. Min Pechaya 49.1426
2. Yaya Urassaya 49.1423

Source: Pantip for list and Minpechayaclub for pictures

P.S. I’m back along with some type of bugs nor have I adjusted to the different time zone yet. Anyway this MinChi’s saga is still a hot topic and I am starting to get annoyed by the medias’ insinuating questions, Chin’s nonchalant attitude toward the medias’ probing questions, and Min’s polite and indecisiveness answers. It’s funny how the person being asked to be in his MV doesn’t even know about it, either Chin is lying or Min is a forgetful person. Haha

Personally, I think Min should make it clear to him privately where he stand. It’s better to be clear about something like this than to lead someone on. A polite early rejection is better than a late rejection when the person has already invested his/her feeling in a relationship that is already non-existent to you but is somewhat promising to the other person. Most people take nice gestures of their secret admirers as a little hope for the future. Chin was asked recently what if Min even want all of this and he answered, “She still talk nicely to me.” Yes she does, but as a friend buddy.

I understands Min is trying to be polite by not rejecting Chin outright through the media but she has to be clear to him if she doesn’t like him in that way. And Chin, the girl did say she wants to be your friend FOREVER – what part of friends forever don’t you get? If she is really into you the 101 excuses would be thrown out the window, a woman will date you because she wants to be with you but will give excuses if she doesn’t want you.



  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Wow Ninja, u back. U must have had a wonderful trip. Hahaha Perhaps u’ve been to Asian country for ur vacation destination, bocz u mentioned that u had to adjust ur time zone. hehe meanwhile thanks for ur update. hehehe

    I agree with ur points, and actually, as for the MinChi’s relationship topic, I do understand Min’s kind and polite manners when she answered to the media, but I disapprove her attitudes for this issue, I think she really should clearly state her stand rather than give indecisive answers if she wants to end up the topic. And it will be much better for both of them.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    ahaha ;D Ninja, you’re so funny ;D You need to be one of the medias, so you can get it to Chin’s head ;D ahah ;D Welcome back to your forum Ninja ;D How was your trip and where did you go again?? ;D hehe ;D

    Also, thanks for the newest articles ;D I’ve been waiting to see what’s new on here, so I can read about it or catch up on Min or Weir ;D thanks so much for your time on these articles ;D

    1. oopsy…it’s naimee02 ;D

    2. Haha or Chin can google himself and stumble upon my blog. LOL Thanks for asking the trip was fun, very much needed.

  3. Min did tell Chin about just being friends during their fairydrop event, right? I think there’s nothing wrong with both of their answers. Min said she just want to be friends and Chin’s ok with that but of course he would be happy if it could be more than that. I felt that the press just couldn’t get over it.

    1. Yes she did. The press couldn’t get over it because Chin keep saying he’ll continue his pursuit of her. Lol

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