Min Denies Having A Boyfriend Named “Mo”

Interview: December 12, 2012

Min Pechaya Wattanamontri has become one of the hottest actress with many men pursuing her but she adamantly say she’s not ready for a romantic relationship. Min asks to finish her education first but there news coming out that the real man in her life is an ABAC student named Mo. What will Min say about this news?

The news say Min has a boyfriend named Mo who rides a yellow mini cooper? “You have plenty of information there. It’s untrue. I don’t have a boyfriend named Mo. He’s a friend, in the same group as me. The information is true that I have a friend named Mo but we’re friends, not boyfriend/girlfriend. That’s damaging (news)…damaging for me and my friend. There’s nothing to this. I have many friends within the group that can confirm 100 percent that we’re just friends. And he doesn’t ride a yellow mini cooper – that’s false information.” All of a sudden you have news with your university friend, are you confuse? “I’m confuse that the media can connect this and that together.” How close are you with Mo? “He’s a friend in my group. We’re close because we study together since freshman year. He has been my friend ever since – the same group of friends.” Do you have to clear with your friend? “I don’t have to because we’re just friends. At school, I walk around with many of my friends.”

You have many news with men therefore you were given the nickname a new generation casanovee. “It’s nothing. It’s better not to think too much about it.” How do you feel having news with guys all the times? “I feel indifferent. Thank you everyone for having an interest (in my love life) but I want everyone to focus on my work more. This I beg you (the media) because right now people just want to know who will I pick and who will I date. It’s like this most of the time but I’m not upset. I want to fully work, like now I try to reiterate to myself all the time that I have to improve my performance and work harder everyday. I want my work to come out the best. Right now I want to work hard. I want to finish school.”

You’re afraid of having boyfriend news, will this make the guys who have news with you, Porshe (Saran) and Boy (Pakorn) misunderstand? “Please don’t say it like that, it’s not good for me or my friends. My friends won’t be marketable (laugh).” Are you tired that you have to dispute these news daily? “I’m not tired. I said it all already, as for people believing me or not it’s up to their judgement. As for me, I will give my fullest to my responsibility and do my best.” As of now, are you 100 percent single? “I’m single. I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t have a boyfriend 100 percent. I want to reiterate clearly and firmly state that I am very much single.”

Source: http://www.tnews.co.th/html/news/47287/

P.S. In another article, Porshe denies having a relationship with Min. He says they’re both friendly people and he’s just a good friend to Min. He also laughs at the “Milk Teeth Casanova” nickname given to him by the media. I would laugh too, it’s too funny, they’re basically calling him a Baby Casanova. There are many players at channel 7 according to the medias…the Father of Casanova (Vee), Big Muscle Casanova (Weir), Milk Teeth Casanova (Porshe), and Casanovee With a Deadly Smile (Min). I guess they have friendly actors and actresses …well according to voices in the entertainment circle channel 7 actors and actresses are known to be more down to earth compare to the other channels.


  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    LOL plenty of casanovas at channel 7. so funny

  2. I believe her when she says, she’s single ;D no time to date because she’s in school ;D she’s waiting for her Hia or her P’Weir ;D

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