Min And Porshe: “One Take Only”


Interview: December 5, 2012

It’s getting better each episode for the drama, Yok Luerd Mongkorn” of producer-director, Thongchai Pasongsanti. For this drama leading actress, Min Pechaya did a real kiss with Porshe Saran – for this important scene Min says she is not reluctant, give her fullest for this love scene. Min says, “Regarding the love scenes I leave it to the director so the job can be comfortable for both sides. Once I accepted the work I have to give it my best. I respect the director but I do ask for it to be within the scope of decency. I believes the crew can make it come out well and not repulsive. There are many love scenes, real kisses with Porshe. We’re friends…we don’t think anything of it. And we play well together, when I forget my lines Porshe will nudge me – we help each other on the sets. Before the love scenes we apologizes to each other like normal. We try to make it okay in one take. For some angle we have to use the camera to help us but most of the time we play real.”


Source: http://www.dailynews.co.th/entertainment/170746

Interview: December 9, 2012


Love scenes overflowing the TV screen, Porshe smiles and says, “I have to admit it adds colors (favors) to the lakorn (drama). Min and I did our best. One take only because I am courteous of my partner – she’s a female. In the beginning we were tensed because we just meet each other for the first time but as we continued playing with each other that worry vanished.”

You two are now a “gine couple.”
“I am full of smile. That mean everyone see us as a good match because when I starred with Chat in “Look Poo Chai Maai Tapode” everyone also like and for this one everyone is happy again. I am blushing. This mean my acting is smooth in every drama for the audiences to believe and cheer.”

Source: http://www.daradaily.com/news/34434/

P.S. Gine is a Thai slang for imagine so a gine couple basically meant people want them to date in real life. Personally from pictures I’ve seem of Min and Porshe, they look more like an older sister and a younger brother – not that Min look much older than him or anything like that but her essence give off a more mature vibe than Porshe. Do I make any sense? You can even tell from his interview answers. LOL


  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Ninja Thnaks for ur explanation of Gine. ~~~~~~
    As for “Min and Porshe, they look more like an older sister and a younger brother”
    the same here. hahahaha

  2. ahaha ;D I agree with you too Ninja ;D they both playful like siblings where I don’t see anything more than just that for them ;D Whereas Min and Weir, they’re playful, but you can sense that they can be more than siblings ;D hehe ;D thanks for the article Ninja ;D

  3. I totally agree with Ninja and Naimee02. Pecharan are like best friends, now WeirMin that is different LOL.

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