Weir’s Relationship With Yai Amat is Good; Aom is Just an Admiration

Interview – November 29, 2012

Weir explaining himself via Dao Kra Jai about the Crow Magazine’s miscommunication and regarding his admiration for Aom Sarita. I guess the magazine told the photographer to come 2 hours earlier than the time they scheduled Weir to come in for the shooting. The magazine editor didn’t admit to that fault but considering Weir and Yai Amat still have good relationship with one another I guess you can see as the magazine creating gimmick or noises prior to the release of the magazine. In a way the gimmick work considering the magazine was a hit.

“It’s nothing. We had an appointment but the communication was off. But I’ve talked to him already. P’Yai said I have to leave now because I have other errand to run. We talk like normal. There’s nothing to it. P’Yai and I have worked together for many years now. He was the first person who photograph me since the very beginning. After that day he did come to my restaurant and said, “Look we made news. It’s funny. It’s good in a way so the magazine can be very famous.” P’Yai is very worry about me. He want me to have a girlfriend. He tells me everyday when are you going to have a girlfriend other people have girlfriends already.”

Not just Yai Amat who want him to have a girlfriend I think most of his fans also want him to find true love. They’re cheering for him to date Min Pechaya, Mai Davika, and believe it or not Gif Orlene.

What’s about you following Aom Sarita’s IG?
“I watched Tawan Tor Saeng, at first I was watching Chane then after awhile I thought who is this girl. Her acting is good so I asked Mai. Her name is nong Aom. She is cute so I watched her. My friends followed her so I went in her instragram and followed her too. I admire her but it’s only admiration. Not in a romantic way.”

Doesn’t Aom kinda look like Kat but prettier? LOL

Credit: pookidteungkhunna2



  1. Thanks!!

  2. Thank you. I’m cheering for him to be with Min. Koun Yai and Pen!…xox….

  3. ahaha…he said it’s just an admiration ;D Well, I’m glad to hear that out of his mouth ;D hehe ;D I’m just like the above post, I want him to give Min a chance for reals ;D I am hoping that after their 2nd lakorn that they’ll reconsider because by then Min will be done with her schooling ;D I think he’s waiting for Min and Min is waiting for Weir, her Hia ;D hehe ;D

  4. thanks Ninja ;D

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    funny…Min’s name is the first on the list that fans are cheering for..i hope to God it will be Min.

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