Mai Is Not Afraid of Love Rumor With Weir; Updates on Roy Lae Sanae Luang

Mai Is Not Afraid of Love Rumor With Weir

Interview – November 27, 2012

Mai has been answering these same type of questions at numerous events already and at the GIT GEM and Jewelry Design Award 2012 it’s no different. Therefore I only translates the part about Roy Lae Sanae Luang and Weir and will summarize the rest.

Mai Davika is relieve that everything is clear now, Dome and his girlfriend has gotten back together and she is no longer termed as the third wheel in their relationship. She is happy for them because love is a good thing, no one wants to break up with their love ones. She is also thankful for this particular person at pantip who used to criticize her harshly since the scandal surfaced but has now created a page there to apologize to her. Mai is grateful that everything will now be in the past. She looks forward to doing her best in the future and is not afraid if she has love rumor with Weir Sukollawat, who she is starring with in Roy Lae Sanae Luang.

How far along is Roy Lae Sanae Luang?
“We haven’t even filmed half way yet but we’re filming pretty quick because each day my queue has been pretty tight.”

How it is working with Weir?
“Fun. P’Weir is cute. He’s a nice brother. He teaches me acting as well. He used to teach me acting since my first drama and for this drama he is still helping me out. Working with him is fun.”

Once the drama air people will cheer for you to date Weir in real life again.
“Please be into the drama. Please support Roy Lae Sanae Luang (laugh).”

How do you prepare to face these news once your drama air?
“I don’t have to prepare anything. I will perform my best so my acting can come out good. If people are into the drama then it’s a very good thing.”

With Weir many people are cheering, are you not sway by this?
“With P’Weir (laugh)? I know P’Weir for a long time now. We’ve been close for a long time now. We don’t think of each other in that way at all.”

When will everyone get to see it?
“The beginning of next year…everyone will probably get to see it.”

Will it film in time because soon it will be next year?
“We have about 3 months remaining so it should make it in time. Right now, we don’t have any queue to air it but it will likely be next year.”


Behind the scene pictures of Roy Lae Sanae Luang coming soon in 2013. Credit pictures to Mai Davika.

P.S. The summary of Roy Lae Sanae Luang will be posted soon once I’m done. I am still working on it and it’s mighty long. I don’t even know if anyone want to read it. LOL And just to keep everyone posted I will be on vacation from December 1 – 13th so the summary will have to wait until I’m back. And sorry there will no update while I’m vacationing. However anything I’ve missed during those weeks will be translated and updated as soon as I get to them. As always thank you for reading this blog. -Ninja



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    Thank you for the articles. I always enjoy reading and looking at pictures. Have fun vacationing and stay safe, ninjakkn 🙂 Xox….

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    Ninja, Thanks a lot for ur work hard!
    I will be here and wait to read the summary that your efforts! And hope u have a great vacation! ^ 0 ^

    1. I will have an awesome vacation. Hehehe

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    I for one will look forward to your synopsis of RLSL lol I’m a huge Mai-Weir fan so any updates and news on their lakorn will be much appreciated! Thanks again!

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