Gif Ornlene Refutes Going to Weir’s Condo

Gif Ornlene refutes going to Weir's condo

Interview – November 28, 2012

Have you ever been to his room?
“Never. Usually when we see each other we meet outside.”

Have you talked to P’Weir about it?
“P’Weir is always laughing – you have news with me? Haha.”

You sat on the back of his motorcycle.
“Yes. We’re a motorcycle gang, our activity is largely to go out and eat together. We didn’t go just the two of us, a lot of us went. I did that with everyone already. Who’s motorcycle I get to sit on depend on if that seat is occupy or free.”

Is there a chance for the relationship to progress? Is he your type?
“It’s up to the future. No one know the future. As of now we are still brother and sister. I have to study the person in order know if the person is my type or not. You can’t just tell from the outside. But we’re not studying each other.”

Is P’Weir pursuing you?
“No. We’re close like siblings. We’re like a big family. We are close and can talk about anything.”

Is it true that you’re playing cupid for him?
“He asked. This person is cute, do you know her? He see everyone as cute.”

Are you okay with him being with one of your friends?
“I have to see if he’ll pass because I love my friends.”




  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja! ~~~~
    But for the Gif, I have no idea !hahahaha

  2. ahah ;D I think Gif like Weir too ;D but I’m glad Weir isn’t interested, which I hope not ;D hehe ;D thanks Ninja for this news ;D

    1. I think he sees her as a sister while Gif on the hand is definitely into him. She said it herself as a response to fan in her IG, “I love P’Weir more than he understand.” LOL

  3. It seems like any women who are caught with Weir, say he’s like their brother. Well, I think it’s about time some one saw him as more than their freakin’ brother. Guess I’ll have to make a trip to Thailand.

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