Weir Sukollawat’s Crow Magazine

Sukollawat too hot to handle look. He is single ladies but he is not alone.
Weir Sukollawat's Crow Magazine

Chilling next to his big boy bike. I find this scruffy manly look really hot. He will forever be my Khun Yai. ❤

Giving you his bad boy look before hopping on his bike and never returning again.

This shoot seem to give Weir some problem. At first someone spread a gossip that the shoot didn’t happen because Weir was a trouble superstar who came two hours late upsetting a famous photographer which led to the cancellation of the shooting that day. Recently the photographer has to confirm via his personal IG that his relationship with Weir is fine and they are not mad at each other in any way. The shoot did happened and everything went as planned or else this magazine wouldn’t have come out. What can I say, rumors and celebrities go hand in hand.

This Crow Magazine shoot of his has garner some interesting comments in the cyber world. There are many nice comments about Mr. Weir looking handsome, smart, raw, manly, and that he has a fit and firm body which make the ladies scream. However, one person did say he look chubby and need to work out more while another person says his muscle is not big enough, he’s look skinny therefore he should hit the gym again and get bigger muscles like that of many of his workout buddies. I guess the saying every set of eyes see things differently hold true here.

Then there were a few comments saying he looks dirty and he has black nipples. When has a man’s nipples become the center of attention when modeling in half naked shoot, I always thought the focus was abs…abs…abs. Some people are sure into pink nipples and everything white…no wonder almost every products out there has some skin whitening/lightening/bleaching in them and those chemicals are not safe either.

Usually I don’t care for comments in the world of pantip but I think it’s a big issue when you have people equating dark skin to uncleanliness and white skin to cleanliness. And even worse when dark complexion people is look upon as scary looking, mean, and unfriendly while lighter complexion people is view as the opposite. No one should be judged on just appearance and skin colors. There are plenty of white skin criminals as there are dark skin criminals. All I want to say is STOP YOUR JUDGEMENT. And here are the translation of some of the comments at pantip.

“Look dirty – kinda filthy. Black nipples…from the pictures it look like he has smelly armpits.” – If I remember correctly this is the same person who went crazy drooling over Um Atichart’s pink nipples during the airing of Khun Suek.

“You mean yourself in the mirror right? I don’t know either but judging from your comment it sound like you’re really dirty and I mean your thought.” – A rebuttal to the above comment.

“Want to kidnap him and give him a kiss.”

“I like this look – he looks very strong.”

“People with black nipples…it can’t be stopped. It’s not like you can polish it and make it white.”

“P’Weir’s complexion is that dark…if his nipples are pink it would look funny.”

“P’Weir is not white so he look dirty. This is why beauty products like to emphasize whiteness, the majority of people think like this that’s why. And don’t sit and think afterward why commercials like to force the whiteness on TV – why do people have to be infatuated with whiteness?”

“Those who don’t like him step back so the line can get shorter. I am waiting in line.”

“Are you crazy? Men should have black nipples. You want pink nipples…very retarded – your brain. Those who don’t like I don’t care but I like him. Extremely handsome. Better than some gay white leading actors. Yes. Those with pink nipples. Men with pink nipples, what should I call them?”

His black nipples that some weird people stare intensely at but all I see is just a legit sexy raw Asian man with grease on his pants.

My favorite picture…I have a thing for guy with motorcycle. What can I say, it’s extremely hot and a major turn-on. The oil bucket next to him make this picture insanely hotter to me. Scream.

Source: Pantip



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    It’s hard to make everyone satisfied .
    I’m cheering you, p’Weir? Try as hard as you can.
    Thanks for your hard work, translation into English, Ninjakkn

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Haha….he sure is sexy….Rrrrr….lol…my husband is a white man and he has little pink nipples but I think black nipples are the best because my nipples are black. ^^. Thanks you, ninjakkn ❤

  3. Most Asian people have black nipples. If you want a pink nipple, you have to tattoo it. I have a friend who makes it.
    I think it looks like a feminine If a man has a pink nipple, plus no hair in the armpit and leg.
    Thanks, Ninjakkn

    1. You’re welcome. Never of such tattoo…LOL

  4. Thanks for sharing , Ninjakkn.
    I think:
    Having black nipples or pink nipples , it does not matter. Maybe black is sexier than pink.
    But to be real men Must have hair in the armpit and leg.

  5. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thanks Ninja! ~~~
    No one is perfect in the world, but just gotta be yourself, it is perfect enough!!!

  6. Geez, he looks great in this shoot. I agree with your post here, Ninja. People shouldn’t be judging & associating white vs. dark. The comments you translated are surely a clue to how demented some people think. Vier looks amazing the way he is. His darker skin tone is quite beautiful.

    Thank you so much for sharing this shoot with us.

    1. You’re welcome. Nothing wrong with being dark…there are plenty of dark skinned people who are attractive.

  7. Weir is the true Asian celebrities unlike the other light skinned plastic actors who needs make up to only make them look extra girly ;D hehe ;D I’ve seen his previous pictures when he was younger, not so cute, now he is super hot and manly even with make up 😉 hehe 😉

    1. Me too…I never find him cute until the Khun Yai look. Very hot and manly now.

  8. The one thing that I really like about Weir is that he’s natural . Weir is proud of his dark skin. I think he looks HOT in this photoshoot. Thank you Ninja for sharing!

  9. Anonymous · · Reply

    Weir is the sexiest Thai actor alive ^__^

  10. Wow, I’m so late on this magazine shoot. I only saw one of the pics. Dayum, this is hot. Very hot. I’m sweating in here, can someone turn on the fan?? LOL.

    This comment cracked me up: “People with black nipples…it can’t be stopped. It’s not like you can polish it and make it white.” Seriously. Black nipples? Dark skin tone? Dirty? I don’t know why certain people paid attention to his nipples because the first thing I looked at were his abs and his arms. LOL. If they’re sculpted, that’s all that matters. I agree though that it would be nice if Weir builds just a little bit more or tones up a little bit more. Other than that, I need to step away from my laptop pronto because it might be ruined due to my excessive salivation…LOL.

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