Loi Krathong With Porshe, Min, and Green

Environmental Loy Krathong Made By Porshe, Min, and Green

Interview – November 25, 2012

Briefly, Loi Krathong Day is one of the most beautiful and oldest festivals in Thailand. The festival typically take place on the evening of the full moon during the month of November. This year the festival will be celebrated on the 28th. For those who wonders what Loi Krathong mean, loi is to float and krathong is the lotus-shaped boat, once the candle is lighted people usually make a wish before letting it float off in a river or canal for good luck.

Loi Krathong Day is fast approaching we, Komchadluek arranges a meeting with leading actor and actresses from Yok Luerd Mongkorn – Porshe Saran, Min Pechaya, and Green Asadaporn to make environmental friendly krathongs. The three actors are taking a break from filming their drama by marching over to us at Si Lom, Porshe tells us in advance, “I’ll be the assistant because I don’t know how to make krathong.” The fresh face leading actor plays around with the flowers and banana leaves before allowing Green and Min to process with making the krathongs.

Look like a fun break for Kingmei, Prae, and Yok.

Green says she hasn’t make these in a long time, since her high school year but it shouldn’t be a problem for her. “I used to make krathong back in high school but making one today is good. There’s someone to teach me, if I were to make this myself it wouldn’t look pretty,” says Green while moderately cutting the banana leaves to begin her task.

In the meanwhile, Min is giving us her confused look because she doesn’t know where to begin. At last she has to plead with our team to teach her how to make krathong, she doesn’t know how but she can practice. “I can somewhat make it but I don’t know if it will be beautiful or not. But once we finish can we float it?” Our leading actress begins her task gently by picking the flowers to decorate her krathong then tearing the banana leaves into pieces in order to beautify her krathong.

Turning to look at Porshe, it look like he’s having fun cutting the banana leaves and looking at the ladies to give them his support after all he’s only the assistant.

Green showing off her krathong. The first one done and the only person who seem to have done more work than the others two. LOL

After a short while Green announces that she is done, in addition to smiling widely for having finished her krathong leaving her just the task to decorate it. “Yay…my krathong is done. I only have to decorate it with flowers but I have to say the team also helped me. It’s not only me.” She gives us her sweet smile and shows us her krathong before turning her back to further decorate her krathong so she can finish it off.

Min look like she has more fun posing for pictures than actually making the krathong. LOL

Now let’s look at Min, we can say she no less than Green, her krathong is also done but that’s because she has our team as her assistant. “If you ask if it’s hard, honestly it’s not hard. I have helpers. (laugh) If I do everything on my own – no one will believe me that I did it (smile) because the krathong came out really pretty.” Min says in a good mood before sticking the joss stick to her krathong.

After awhile Green and Min show us their completed krathong and our photographer takes some pictures. We can say the krathong are very beautiful and is ready to be floated.

Photo-op time for Porshe…good job for stealing other people’s hard work. Haha

“Everyone has their own krathong already then what about me? Who will make me one?” Porshe says sadly along with his pleading voice. We have to give him the krathong we already prepared.

Mission accomplished…the actors are now left with only the task of floating their krathongs at the swimming pool rather than the river, the environmental friendly way.

The task of making krathong is completed. The two actresses and one actor float their krathongs in the swimming pool of the hotel before the real day on November 28, the twelve lunar month.

Then we interview the three where they will go float their krathongs this year starting with Green.

“On Loi Krathong Day I will go home and float the krathong with my family. Really Loi Krathong Day is about us floating off the bad things we have done along the canal and also apologizing to the river for doing bad things to it,” says Green.

Porshe says, “On Loi Krathong Day my message for everyone is to please not play with fireworks because it can be dangerous. Just float krathong to give yourself good fortune.”

Min teases Green, “Who are you floating your krathong with?” Min says she has to work on Loi Krathong Day so she will have to wait and see if she can float it or not. “It is another good day. I want people to take care of themselves on Loi Krathong Day. Be careful and be safe.” She also says don’t forget to watch “Yok Luerd Mongkorn” to end it. To conclude this everyone please don’t forget to go float your krathong.

Source: http://www.komchadluek.net/detail/20121125/145618/



  1. Thank you for the update!

    1. You’re welcome.

  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thank u for ur traslating! This article helps me understand the Thai traditional culture more! ~ ~
    Happy LOy Krathong Day! Ninja! ^ 0 ^

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