Min Pechaya Denies Being a Casanovee

Min Pechaya Denies Being a Casanovee

Interview – November 24, 2012

Beautiful actress, Min Pechaya is now known as Casanovee Number 1 because during this time she has been making news with various male celebrities. Min denies being a casanovee, many of the news may be due to popularity from her drama. She is close with everyone but it’s more in the line of work. She is not serious by this type of news.

Recently, there’s a magazine that named you as Casanovee Number 1.
“What do you mean? Right now, I work like normal with everyone but everything that came out was just rumors.”

The news said you’re the smiling killer.
“A smile can be that deadly? I work with everyone. I want my work to come out good. I am friendly with everyone.”

Are you serious?
“I’m not serious because there’s nothing to it. I read the news but I don’t mind it.”

There are many guys pursuing you?
“No one is pursuing me. Right now they’re more of just news from my dramas.”

What does your family say?
“No one care about it because they’re just general news.”

Are you a player?
“If smiling is player-like then do I have to pout my face? Honestly, I just want to work with everyone with happiness that’s all.”

Boy is worry that Chin will misunderstand him.
“Like I said, there is nothing to it. With P’Boy we’re just siblings. I met him at events. And Chin, we also met at work only.”

Is Chin making his move yet?
“Never. Right now as the news come out he slowly disappear.”

What does he tell you?
“He said the news that came out destroy my reputation. We’re just good friends. He’s cute. Chin is cute to everyone.”

Any chance for development?
“Our relationship has always been good, nothing has change.”

Source: http://www.newsplus.co.th/NewsDetail.php?id=58699 and credit picture to pantip


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  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Casanovee, it is too funny! Hahahaha

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