Tam Lae’s Opening at Future Park Rangsit, BBK

Tam Lae Opening at Future Park Rangsit, BBK

Interview: November 20, 2012

Tam Lae is a new restaurant Weir Sukollawat just opened with his boss, Ae Supachai at Future Park Rangsit, one of Asia’s largest malls located in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m not sure if this is restaurant #5 or #6 because Weir has so many of these businesses that I honestly lost count but Lam Lae is the first restaurant he partner up with his longtime manager. Ae said Weir is the best person to open a restaurant with because they’ve been together for so long pretty much since Ae first opened his management home.

From manager to business partners, isn’t it risky?

Ae: We’re passed that point. The earning from here is nowhere near that. Don’t worry. We’ve been together for so long. His contract is about to be renew for the fifth times.

Weir: Our contract is renew without any paperwork. We stay as a family. In the past, I’m happy that we stay together. Some people still like to ask if I’m still with P’Ae. From the beginning that I’m under P’Ae, he take care of me, my life and everything. My parents trust him. We cook and eat together all the times. We’re like siblings. To us it’s not a business. We have a heart contract. My five years contract has no paperwork and no signatures, we stay as a family.

Weir saw his manager since he was Hermes-less to now constantly carrying the brand name bag. Ae also saw Weir since he was a skinny kid to now a muscular man. Being together this long, who take care of Weir’s heart? P’Ae?

Ae: He take care of his own heart. It’s your own heart so you have to take care of it, okay?

Weir: Yes.

Ae: I don’t even have someone taking care of my heart. Why would I take care of your heart, right?

Weir: Yes. 100% single.

Ae: But now I give him permission, he can date anyone, before I used to help him.

Weir: No. I’m not in a hurry. Just watching P’Ae’s news is giving me a headache.

Ae: I want everyone to support my first branch of Tam Lae. This is the fifth branch because everyone requested for me to open another one at Future Park Rangsit. And the next restaurant is Pad Thai Mae Raynoo, Weir, Noey, and I will open that one together.

Weir: Sukollawat has many businesses now.

Ae: Yes.

Weir: Fried Chicken Decha, Coolhouse, Soi Dieow Dtim…

Ae: Where are you keeping all your money? Want me to help save it for you, like before?

Weir: It’s okay. I can save them myself. Thank you very much. Don’t forget to come support us.

Source: Khan Pak’s interview
Credit: picture as tagged

P.S. Channel 7 took care of my youtube account, sad but it was good while it lasted. I did enjoyed subbing those videos before they suspended my account but I don’t think I’ll open another youtube account just to wait for another suspension. There will be no future upload of English subbed video so I’ll just translate the video’s interview here instead. It suck I know but I can understand their action, their copyright is their copyright, no objection there. If only they could be a little nicer…oh well.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thank you again for every thing that you do. My heart was broken after I found out that your YT account was closed :(. I wish I know and understand Thai… I just discover Weir and Min when they were in PA lakorn together. I fell in love with both of them ever since. Anyhow….thank you from the bottom of my heart for the English sub. Xox….

    1. You’re welcome. Yea to PA. 😀

  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thank you for everything, Ninja!
    According to the interview, Ae and Weir just like manager and kid more in the past, but now they are not only the siblings but also the business partners, it is really good! In addition, Weir clearly knows how to make use of his money and develop his business!! Wish them everything will be fine!

    1. You’re welcome. Yes he got have a lot of businesses and is quite business smart.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thanks,NinjaKKN. It is kind of you to translate all about Weir and Min into English for us who don’t understand Thai. I like them very much. Thanks for all you have done for us.

    1. You’re welcome.

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