Mae Moh Event: November 17, 2012

The return of Khun Yai and Pin to their mine, if you remember the mine scenes, Lampang is where they filmed those scenes in Pin Anong. This singing event took place in Lampang, Chiang Mai on November 17th, it’s their 3rd event together. I usually translate just their news but they’re just too cute for words here so I decided to translate their interview on stage. Also, please don’t take my picture captions too seriously, well except for the 5 years time one. HAHA

Checking her out on stage. Weir – I’m not so subtle at all am I? Min – No, you’re not Hia. Stop flirting with me on stage before people find out what’s going on between us. ~_^
Mae Moh: November 17, 2012

Weir: Is this your dress?
Min: Why?
Weir: When you arrive you didn’t wear this.
Min: Yes. I came to Lampang so I have to dress my best.

Min – Do you dare run me over? Weir – No, I do not dare my beautiful lady. But I thought you said no flirting on stage. ~_~

Min: We’re were scared of the giant tractor when we filmed here.
Weir: Scary.
Min: But P’Weir rode in the giant tractor.
Weir: I went on the giant tractor. They have a driver who drove the tractor for me but we lied to the audiences that I drove it. The viewers know now. HAHA Someone drove for me and I have to wait up there. Min has to be in front of the tractor and we have to break all of a sudden. I thought Min is going to die if she get run over. I was really afraid because the tractor was so humongous.
Min: You dare run me over?
Weir: No. I do not dare
(He said politely before shyly lowering his head. HAHA)

Touching your elephant as if the same elephant I have is any different. Weir – Look, on the head of the elephant is a star, you might not be the star on my head but you’re the beautiful star in my heart.

Same joke…your drama is my drama even if I don’t play in it. Weir – I am visibly in every one of your drama, Min. Min – Are you spying on me, Hia?

Weir: Right now I have my drama, Yok Luerd Mongkorn.

Playing along with his joke. Min – Oh…this joke again, Hia? Weir – Yes, just play along darling. ^_^

Min: No. That’s mine. Start over. 5…4…3..2..1
Weir: Right now, what drama do you have Min?
Min: I have Yok Luerd Mongkorn.
Weir. It’s very very fun.
Min: You watch?
Weir: Everyday

Min – I thought you’re not going to watch it because you’re jealous of Porshe, Hia. Weir – I only watch it because of you. And please, I am not jealous of Porshe but limit the kiss down to 1 or none at all, that would be nice. HAHA

Min: Mmmm…
Weir: Wednesday and Thursday.
(after few seconds pause…LOL)
Min: Correct. (Yok Luerd Mongkorn is airing right now on Wednesday and Thursday)

By this point the MC is probably confuse as to why he got hired for this event when these two rather interview each other. MC – Am I even still here? These two make me want to go back home to see my wife and kids. LOL

Weir: And you have another drama?
Min: Yes, I will soon begin to film another drama.
Weir: Okay. Name?
Min: Cinderella Rong Tao Dtae.
Weir: Ohhh….but you have to wear sandal, why?
Min: Because…
Weir: Did you read the script yet? Do you know yet?
Min: Not yet.
Weir: Do you know who you’re playing with?
Min: P’Pae.
Weir: P’Pae SLUR.
Min: Yes. SLUR.
Weir: It’s for Polyplus?
Min: Yes, Polyplus.

Min – Stop teasing me about my dramas. You already know about them. You’re not jealous of P’Pae too, are you? ^_^

Min: Enough. What’s about you? You’re teasing me. What dramas do you have?
Weir: I don’t have much.

Weir – You also know I will have green blood, why are we still asking each other these questions? Jealous of PAE SLUR? Not in a million year, no one can come between us, you know that. *_*

Min – I do. Tell me again. How many years before we get marry? 5? Weir – Yes. In 5 five years time my sweetheart. O_O

Min: Five dramas?
Weir: I have…right now I am filming two dramas. Nak Soo Maha Gaan…all the kids have to get ready.
Min: Get ready.
Weir: Get ready to welcome this hero. Any kid who like action. Any adult who like to watch six packs.
MC: Who’s six packs?
(Finally the MC got one question in…LMAO)
Weir: Not mine. Pai Pathit’s six packs. I don’t take it off that much. It’s a sci-fi action drama. The leading character is a superhero.
Min: You have green blood?
Weir: He doesn’t give off light but his blood is green. He has power beyond a normal human being. He came back to take something back. It’s a drama everyone will like because it’s very fun.

Min – You support my drama. I will do the same for you. That’s what lovers do for one another, right? Weir – Yes, giving support. HEHE

Min: I will wait to give you support.
Weir: Thank you very much.

Min – Glad it’s over now. We did well. Weir – Yep. No one notice anything unusual about us. I think. ^_~

Min: And another drama?
Weir: Another, it’s called Roi Lai Sanae Luang. I play with Mai Davika. It’s a romantic love type. It’s a revenge drama, or something like that. I play a vicious character again. You can follow them on channel 7, in the beginning of next year for sure.

More cute pictures before and after the event. Thanks to the fans for all these wonderful pictures.

Sources: Pictures are credit as tagged (to WinnietheWeir and Sukollawatclub) and big thanks to Tukkata Naja for the clip of their onstage interview.



  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Ninja, Thank you so much for your effort, I really appreciate it! ^ ^
    Particularly, for the pictures captions, which they really cheer me up! Hahahah
    But I noticed following words: “expect for the 5 years time one” it might be true for Weir, bcoz he has been said he will get marry at his age of 32, but as for Min, it is incredible, I guess! Haahah

  2. Thanks for the translation..
    They surely know how to give fan service/flirt on the stage. 🙂

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    They are so cute together :). Thank you so very much for the translations. Love you

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Wait! I’m confused ;c are the captions not bolded really said by them?? or is it something that you added to cheer us fans?? ;D If they did say those playful words, they really did us some service ;D especially me because I was really sad by the photos of before and after at the airport and the videos at the airport ;c Please, NinjaKKN, tell me that they really did say those playful words ;D Thank you for your lovely and hard work NinjaKKN ;D


    1. The bolded one are Min and Weir’s actual words during the interview. As for the captions above the pictures those are just my way of having fun with their interaction. LOL

  5. naimee02 · · Reply

    ahaha ;D oh…ahah ;D for a second there..I thought it was real playful talk between the two ;D I love your way of thinking with these pictures ;D it made so much sense ;D hehe ;D

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