Don’t Make Weir Sukollawat Upset

Don't upset Weir

Interview – November 9, 2012

What projects do you have right now?

“Right now I have Nak Soo Maha Gaan with Tangmo Pattaratida, it’s a superhero drama. It’s fun but very tiring because there are many action scenes. I can definitely handle them because I fit my body to the fullest but you won’t get to see my body that much in this drama.”

You know what I’m up to…I want to watch you.

“It’s because I have to wear the outfit of a superhero also. And I also have Roi Lai Sanae Luang with Mai Davika, in this one I am the protagonist and antagonist. I came back to revenge everyone in the opposing family who did bad things to my family. Because I have to play a bad guy it’s very challenging and hard. I have to be deeply evil and hide my emotions, which is totally opposite from me yet also similar to me. I can be mean too.”

Mean but still lovable, right?

“Honestly, I am a friendly and joyful person but once I am in a bad temper I will immediately turn into a scary person. If you don’t believe me ask P’Show, my personal manager.”

Then came a voice following the wind, “I experienced it often, sometimes I even cried. It’s truly scary.”

“Usually it’s because of work, she got scared and have cried many times but she deserved it (put on a tricky face). But very few people get to see this side of me because majority of the time I will only be mean to those who have done bad things to me.”

So P’Show did something bad to you?

“When someone is mean toward me I have to fight back in order to have a shield to protect myself with from those who are not fair or okay with me. I will be mean in the style…oh wow you’re good also…but I am not the revengeful type.”

“Beside those dramas I also have a film, Fatherland. It’s a love film, in the background is the battle of the 3 border provinces in Southern Thailand. The story is presented in the view of the male lead who fell in love with an Islam woman, until in the end she was bombed and went into a coma. It’s a story that give you many viewpoints to think about because the hero reflects the view of a man born in Bangkok who have no knowledge of what happen in the 3 border provinces of Southern Thailand at all. But he got to meet her so he was able to experience many things from his own account. He doesn’t know if he can stop the situation because it’s something we don’t know when and what will happen tomorrow. It will be out in theater on the 29th of November if nothing change.”

“As for my business, they are doing well. Right now, I have Cool House Pub & Restaurant, Decha Fried Chicken, Wine Society Pub & Restaurant, and recently Soi Dieow Dtim…I am trying to find time to go to my restaurants because my duty is to take care of the employees and see if everything is all set and also have the customers see my face a little.”

Soon we’ll have to call you a millionaire businessman.

“It’s not to that extend. I feel that doing business work for me. People have to live and eat and I like to eat as well. Business might go well but right now my main career is the entertainment business and my second career is opening these restaurants. For each businesses I don’t use that much money but it’s an investment that I can see the result in the short term and I want to try to do something other than work in the entertainment. Those are my reasons for deciding to do them.”

Weir and his personal manager, P’Show


P.S. This is a segment of the interview not the entire interview.



  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Ninja Thank you for ur long translation! ~ ~

    Frankly speaking, Weir is a friendly, warm and joyful person in my mind, of course, everyone has several sides, so there is no doubt that he also has serious and scary aspects, but in general he is a nice person! Hahahaha

    Excuse me Ninja may I ask which one is P’show? I know that there is a lady who in wear a pair of glasses, she is P’show, isn’t she?
    By the way, who is Min’s personal manager, do u know that?

    Thank you for ur reply! ^ ^

  2. I agree…Of course people get upset sometimes he’s human after all. It’s always scary when calm people get upset because it’s so unexpected. I just added a picture of P’Show, she’s the blond (transgender) lady who’s always seem around Weir, Ken, and Mario. She’s their personal manager and their big boss manager is still Ae Supachai. As for Min I don’t think she has a manager. Her dad manage her schedule so I guess he’s her semi manager. Lol

  3. zgeneration · · Reply

    I can believe he can be scary….that’s why when he act in scary character he really can potray it wells…

    1. lol never considered this before, but it makes sense. When Weir acts mean onscreen, it gets scary.

  4. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Thank u Ninja! ^ . ^

    Actually Ae Supachai is an excellent and successful manager, besides not to comments on other aspects, coz he supplies a lot of stars and actors for Thai entertainment industry. hehe

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