Old Flame Ignited Again for Weir and Mai

Old flame ignited again for Weir and Mai

News: November 4, 2012

After lakorn Ngao Kammathep ended actor, Weir Sukollawat and channel 7 rising new actress, Mai Davika became a gine couple because fanclubs were into their drama. They cheered for Weir and Mai to date off-screen for real since Weir seem to adore the cuteness of Mai plus he even wanted to flirt with her. But for sure Weir is the one who pushed Mai to stardom. Most recently fanclubs of Weir and Mai will get to gine them again because they have returned to star in a new drama together in Roy Lae Sanae Luang. This will satisfy the fans who are waiting to see the cuteness of these two again. And since both don’t have real sweetheart, coming to work together this time they will get to be closer to one another, maybe this time old flame will be ignited…fanclubs will have a chance to cheer off-screen love for Weir and Mai. It might not be just a gine or cheer.

Source: http://gossipstar.mthai.com/gossip-content/40392

P.S. This is just one of those promo articles for their new drama together. There is no old flame. Lol



  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Just feel that WEIR&MIN have amazing chemistry no matter on-screen or off-screen! hahahah

    Thanks NinjaKKN! and I love ur P.S! ^ ^

  2. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Sorry, NinjaKKN, May I ask why did you say that there is no old flame between Weir and Mai, I’m just a little bit curious! heheheh
    Thanks for ur reply!

  3. Because old flame would mean Weir and Mai are exes but since they never dated then they’re not old flame. Simple as that. 5555

    1. cherry0223 · · Reply

      Thanks NinjaKKN! ~~~~~~
      I thought old flame means they liked each other before, at least they have good impression in their hearts, but just never dated. hehe

  4. zgeneration · · Reply

    LOL..yea..totally a promotional article….^^

  5. 555 I’m totally one of the fans waiting to gine Mai and Weir. Thanks for this article. They’re real cute together, but I know it’s low chance of something really happening between them in real life, so I’ll just satisfy myself watching them when RLSL comes out and hopefully they have tons of sweet scenes!
    I know it says there’s no old flame, but is it true that he wanted to flirt with her? As in he was interested in her? Or is that just plain old gossip? Hm…

    1. I think it’s just a plain old gossip.

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