Chin is Delighted to Work With Min

Chin is delighted to work with Min

Interview: November 1, 2012

November the 1st is the day actress, Min Pechaya and singer, Chin Chinawut get to work together to introduce Fairy Drops, the Japanese cosmetics brand. The two also give joint interview which the singer admitted he admires the actress very much, his opportunity to speak with her after lately they have been distanced. Chin got shy before he can reveal his feeling about working with Min for the first time.

How do you feel about working together?
“Honestly we both got contacted separately. We didn’t get contracted to work as a pair but I know beforehand that I will get to work with her. I was contracted to sing prior to presenting Min, I said okay from the start. I am happy to work together for the first time.”

“Personally I am happy to work with Chin because we’re friends. I’m happy. When I was contacted I promise that I will accept this work since the beginning already, my schedule was free.”

How do you prepare not to be shy, Chin?
“I’m not shy enough already. I am very shy but I don’t think much about it. I try to do my best at work. I also get to take pictures with her…okay (laugh).”

Min, you also got shy?
“They said to act shy (laugh). Honestly I got shy a little for real.”

Are you guys still chatting through line?
Min says, “Once in awhile.” Chin says, “A little…I am trying but…”

Are you trying to flirt with her?
“You shouldn’t ask this in front of her. This is why I want a separate interview.”

Min, in an interview Chin said he’s still waiting, what do you think about that?”
“The same…I am friend with everyone. Like I said this is my last year of school. After graduating I intended to do investments with my dad because my family does real estate also. I don’t think much about this issue (dating).”

After hearing this, how do you feel Chin?
“I don’t know. Min is a very nice person in that she answer very candidly. I respect her in this aspect. The future is the future.”

Does Chin have a chance?
“We’ll see, for me Chin is still a cute friend always. He never said anything impolite and he always give respect to women. I like Chin in this aspect.”

What if he ask you when you’re free to go for a movie or dinner?
“…we should continue to work first.”

Source: and Newsplus video interview


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