My Dad is Worry Says Min

My dad is worry says Min

Interview: October 31, 2012

Min has an interview at TESCO Lotus New Home New Style 30 event, which she reiterates the fact that she did not go to Chin’s house and admits this type of news is too harsh for her. The news damage her reputation as a woman and worry her family. Chin has given an interview to dispel the news, Min says Chin is a gentleman for doing that and will continue to be friends with him. Her relationship with Chin is innocent, she’s not ready to take care of anyone’s heart because she is busy with work and school.

Even if Chin flirted with you, you can only offer him friendship?
“I feel that I want to work. I feel that I am not good enough. I feel that I don’t have time to give to anyone, if I love someone I want to take care of him with sincerity.”

What did your parents think of this news?
“I see this type of news as very harsh for women. My dad is very worry because once there’s more of this type of news coming out often enough it may cause the society to misunderstand me. During this time I will try to be quiet for awhile.”


It look like someone went to a Halloween Party as a vampire like me. Great minds think alike or maybe he was reminded of the vampire scene. Hehe Vampy Khun Yai is out for blood, poor Pin Anong who probably got suck dry by now. 555 Happy Halloween! Night.


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  1. zgeneration · · Reply

    LOL..don’t have time for anyone…but i think she still got time for weir…hihihi >.<

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