Celebrities That Were Exposed

Celebrities that got exposed

News – October 30, 2012

As we all know celebrity secrets don’t get hidden for long and it’s definitely hurtful once the secrets come out. The secrets are often exposed by others, Marie Broenner and her scandalous pictures, James Ruengsak and his direct marketing business tactic, Aum Patcharapa and her boyfriend, and Weir Sukollawat and his new girl.

Love stumbled because “liking someone else girlfriend” is an accurate case for muscular leading actor, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot who fell for a cat woman named Kat. Shortly after admitting to the press that he’s studying a lady outside the business lighting strike when an article written as a riddle was interpreted as Weir, the actor who’s flirting with someone who already has a boyfriend. The boyfriend is studying aboard and the two will likely get engage in the near future causing Weir to suppress his tears. He denied softly even protecting the female side by saying he knew about Kat having a boyfriend and the relationship was just friendship because it never went that far. Ouch…a sudden break of the heart in addition to a little heartache.

Source: http://www.komchadluek.net/detail/20121030/143487/

P.S. The original article was pretty long so I shortened it, only focused on Weir.


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  1. A cat woman named Kat haha

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