Min on Her Health and Love Rumors at Miss Teen Thailand 2012


Interview: October 27, 2008

Min Pechaya open up about her experiences as a contestant of Miss Teen Thailand, her health, and the rumors surrounding her love life. Min is thankful of Miss Teen Thailand for giving her the experiences that is greater than the title she received from the stage, despite not winning Miss Teen Thailand. She was placed second at the Miss Teen Thailand 2006 contest. Min says she made many friends and learned how to put on make up and to wear high heels for the first time from being among the contestants many years ago.

Her advice to newcomers, “I don’t have anything because I came and was able to stay with…I think if we love the works we do then we will be happy. We have to do everything from our hearts, giving all we have no matter what we have to face. Because for sure once we come into the entertainment business we will face many challenges…I believe if we stay with our heart and has the endurance we can definitely stay, for sure.” Min has prior experiences from being a winner at the stage to a known tv actress  “I stay with ease. No matter what I face, I can work with everyone, give respect and sincerity to one another and there won’t be any issue. I can handle all news. I can answer. Whatever news I have, I can answer them all with sincerity. Just that. Say it once. If the questions are repetitive then I might not give the same answer (laugh).”

When asked about her health the actress says she does get sick easily especially when she’s busy and have lesser hours to sleep. She often used up all her energy when she does have work and her lungs are easily infected depending on the weather seasons. But don’t fans worry fans because it’s not a serious health issue, as long as she take care of her health and have plenty of rest she will be fine. “Yes. It rained a lot and I been having a problem with my lungs. I film a lot so I get very little sleep. But right now I go to the fitness center. I have trainer. I try to take care of my health. Drink plenty of water and exercise. ” She is rushing to film Yok Luerd Mungkorn at the moment but will go see the doctor once she is less busy.

She’s also the subject of many news headlines. Recently, Boy Pakorn’s mom said she admires Min, “Yes. His mom is cute. I want to thank his mom and also P’Boy for respecting me. We’re still the same cute brother and sister. And there is nothing more than that. I never met his mom but I’ve heard from the medias that she watches and likes my drama. That’s it. She’s not implying that I will have something with her son. She’s another person who watches my drama and admires me.” Well Boy may be just a brother then what about Chin, the guy who came out strong with his admiration for Min. Min says, “There’s nothing. Everything is still the same.”

You have accepted work as a pair?
“No. They contacted me first but I know afterward that I will get to work with Chin. I’m not serious at all. I am happy to work with him.”

Will there be shyness?
“There probably will be, a little, it’s normal.”

Have you spoken with him?
“I have…like we’ll meet soon. But it’s not specific…just the normal how are you doing.”

Did you talk about being at same the event and how it will make headlines?
“No. If questions are ask I will answer. If you want to know something then ask. I’m ready to give joint interview with him. There’s no problem.”

Recently Yaya was in his music video and Chin said, she is his type. How do you feel about him being so pungent about her while he still has you?
“It’s good I guess. I don’t have any opinion because it’s his right. I’m just a friend. And there’s nothing between Yaya and I. She is a cute person.”

Source: Newsplus.co.th



  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    Min always say that they are my friends! ~~~~~~

    but who is the person watched her drama and admired her! haahaa

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    i think min should said something like no thank i can find my own and no need someone cheer me and chin. i dont very like the answer she say cuz she alway say we are firend so it not clear chin and news repoter.

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