Min Refutes Going to Chin’s House


Interview: October 26, 2012

People with good eyes saw Chin Chinawut secretly taking a woman that resembles Min Pechaya to his house of which Min denies, “No. Honestly, we’re still the same, just friends. There’s nothing more than that. I never went to his house. I’m not that close to Chin to know if he has someone or not. I haven’t even met him. I will have an event with him so at the event we’ll get to chat.”

As for her new drama Min discloses that she’s preparing to star with Pae Arak. “I have been approached but no opening ceremony yet so there may be changes. I will get pair up with P’Pae. I have read the story, Cinderalla Rong Tao Dtae. People might get to see me in another style. In the past the roles I received are usually of a pitiful girl, always crying but this one is comedy.  For this one people will see me with P’Pae, usually I only see him at events. This will be the first time we get to work together.”

Source: innnews.co.th



  1. zgeneration · · Reply

    You know..i really like to see min in a romantic comedy with weir…Oh..i guess min can try a different role this time…>.<

    1. cherry0223 · · Reply

      Same here!!! ~~~~~~~~

  2. i cant stand pae. too ugly.

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