Family Comes First For Min

Interview: October 22, 2012

Beautiful actress, Min Pechaya want to remain single for awhile, family is first in her heart. No matter how busy her work is she is always ready to clear her schedule for mom and dad. What do you want to share with your fans?

“Right now I love my family very much. I love my dad, mom, brother, and also my sister in law (smile). My brother just got married and we’re happy to welcome her into the family. My family is a funny bunch. Even if we don’t have anything we’re a warm family. I’m happy to be born into this family. I have cute parents who took care of me when I was little. They planned great things in my life. I am thankful for everything they have given. I want to share with everyone that your parents love you therefore anything that you can do for them…do it.”

What are you going to do for your parents?
“I am taking my parents to Chiang Rai.”

Why are you flying there?
“My mom wanted to give alms offering to the monk, Phra W.Vajiramedhi. We’re his disciples. My dad and mom cleared their schedule, we went already.”

You’re always ready for your family.
“I think family institution is an institution that last. We’re lucky to be born and have people we can love and give love to. We’re luckier than many people…look at the people who doesn’t have a family. People who have a family…please love each other a lot because in the end family will always be family (smile).



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  1. cherry0223 · · Reply

    After reading the article, I feel that Min loves her family so much, and also she is a thankful girl! Meanwhile, in my mind, she will respect and consider her parents’ opinions and advice come first as well if she wants to date someone in the future!
    But now just as she said that she want to remain single for awhile, it is better for her! ^ ^

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