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Weir-Min Return Onscreen To Sweep The Rating

Min Believes Gun Won’t Sulk For Holding Back And Not Calling Him Boyfriend

Here’s a clearer picture of Gun from Khakpak. He looks pretty cute with his tiny eyes.

Weir Sweets Min; Confident Viewers Will Like It

“La Ruk Sut Kop Fah” In the Middle of an Airport

Finally after nine months of production this lakorn will air on July 28th on Monday and Tuesday slot via Ch.7 at 8:20pm Thailand time. That’s next week. Yay! If anyone want to catch it live you can watch it from this link ( And if you want to catch up on the lakorn after it […]

Min Admits Talking With a Man Named Gun

Here’s a picture of Gun according to Gossipstar.

Weir Sukollawat’s Dream Girl

P.S. Finally, I had the time to translate this interview. Sorry for the lateness. Attention: Ladies with big hips, Weir Sukollawat is waiting for you to claim him. Lol Hope everyone enjoys my caps of DONT BTS, I find them so much hotter and yummier than what DONT actually put in their magazine.

Min Admits Still Getting To Know Businessman

P.S. I could careless about the businessman. But mmm, some fierce love scenes. I wonder how rough. Can’t wait until July! Lol @the scriptwriter…if you won’t do it then I won’t write it.


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