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Weir’s 29th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my darling Sukollawat! I wish you luck in your career, businesses, and everything you do. May you succeed. Please stay healthy and forever hot and lovely. And may you find true love soon, best to start looking from the choices that are closest to you. ;) From Min’s IG, the three Laruk […]

Min Confirms Weir’s Physique, Fit And Firm For A Sexy Shoot

P.S. Two years ago Min gave that answer and in 2014 her answer is still the same. Lol I guess you can say there’s only one particular male celebrity Min want to see showing off his sexiness. By the way when Min said Weir makes the ladies shy, does those shy ladies include herself? 5555

Weir Reluctant To Be Producer

Interview: January 6, 2014 Weir cries he wasn’t forced by the executives at Channel 7 to study further for a master in order to prepare to become a producer, expect to use two more years in becoming a producer, for sure. Weir Sukollawat Kanarot is a very marketable actor from Channel 7, right now wherever […]

Love Fortunes 2014 and Happy New Year!

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot – His destiny is like that of the country. There’s good. There’s bad. But 2014 should be good. He will expand his fame. As for love, he has a complicated love that can’t be seen clearly. There’s more than one person, a quiet player. Plenty of works for a long while. He […]

Celebrity Fortunes 2014

News: December 27, 2013 I only translate the last three actors. We’ll have to see if these fortunes will come or not. It seems like this fortune teller read a lot from entertainment news. Lol Weir Sukollawat (Born April 18th) – Be careful of accident. Because of misfortune he may enter the hospital with disease […]

Weir Sukollawat: Bold Steps In Life

Interview: December 12, 2013 From a second year Civil Engineering student at Khon Kaen University until talent manager, A Supachai unexpectedly saw his picture and must fly to Khon Kaen in order to pursue him to enter the entertainment circle. It’s unbelievable that from that day until today pra’ek, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot has been through […]

Weir Protects Bella; Not a Party Girl

Interview December 6, 2012 Weir assures Bella is not a party girl. Weir Sukollawat has been in the news with Channel 3 nang’ek, Bella Ranee Campen for a while now. But recently there’s tidings that Bella has been called in for a talk with the elders in regard to her partying news and for her […]


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