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Weir Denies Riding Motorcycle With Other Woman

P.S. Just because you date someone that doesn’t mean you plan to marry that person. Dating is dating. So don’t make a fuss about that quote if you’re a certain person’s fan. ;)

Weir Enjoys Kissing Min Pechaya

P.S. Lol at the article title. I hope he does enjoys it. ;)

Min Pechaya Denies Being Opened About Dating Hiso Gun

Min Denies Dodging Reporters; Not Wanting To Take Picture With Gun

Weir Is Pleased; Koojin Buzz With Min Is A Hit

The Secret of A Devil According to Min Pechaya’s Style

P.S. I’ve been so behind on these articles. Finally, took a few days off from my project to catch up on their news.

Weir-Min Return Onscreen To Sweep The Rating


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