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For Fan For Fun – Laruk Fan Meeting

“For Fan For Fun” was an event especially for the dedicated fans of “La Ruk Sut Kop Fah.” On September 6th some lucky fans were able to play fun games with the cast. There were two teams, Team Kamin headed by Weir Sukollawat or Ongkarak Kamin and Team Mattana headed by Min Pechaya or our […]

Weir Denies Riding Motorcycle With Other Woman

P.S. Just because you date someone that doesn’t mean you plan to marry that person. Dating is dating. So don’t make a fuss about that quote if you’re a certain person’s fan. ;)

Weir Enjoys Kissing Min Pechaya

P.S. Lol at the article title. I hope he does enjoys it. ;)

Min Pechaya Denies Being Opened About Dating Hiso Gun

Min Denies Dodging Reporters; Not Wanting To Take Picture With Gun

Weir Is Pleased; Koojin Buzz With Min Is A Hit

The Secret of A Devil According to Min Pechaya’s Style

P.S. I’ve been so behind on these articles. Finally, took a few days off from my project to catch up on their news.


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